Do construction crews pave in the rain?

When deciding whether construction crews should pave in the rain, it is essential to consider the intensity of the rain and the safety of the employees. It is also important to assess whether contractors can properly complete the work given the weather conditions.

A light, occasional sprinkle of rain is unlikely to hamper paving activities. However, damp asphalt may take longer to cure. In contrast, intense rainfall will make it difficult to complete a paving job safely and properly.

Employee Safety

If the rain is heavy, consistent, and would impair the job, contractors should not pave in the rain. When paving contractors work in the rain, their visibility becomes limited and asphalt may become slippery. Often they will need to work more slowly and be more attentive because the slickness of the surface can lead to a fall or injury. Additionally, if the rain is unexpected, construction crews may not be appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.

Likelihood of Successful Job Completion

Steady rain can hinder a contractor’s ability to complete a paving job successfully. The asphalt mixture needs to be the proper consistency, and rain can make the mixture too soft. An asphalt mixture that is not the correct firmness may not harden properly. Rain can prevent the asphalt from bonding; excessive moisture can ultimately result in the binder separating from the composite.

Deciding to delay applying asphalt or sealcoating because of rain can be a money-saving decision. Rain can damage the asphalt or wash away sealcoating. The job will not be satisfactory, and additional labor and materials may be necessary to fix the asphalt.

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