Why are there scuffs on the pavement after sealcoating?

Exploring the reasons new sealcoating gets scuff marks will enhance your ability to prevent them. Although scuff marks do not last, it can be frustrating to see them on new sealcoating.  Maintaining you asphalt parking lot is key to understanding how to deal with scuffing.

Humidity and Heat

Asphalt sealant reduces the likelihood of pavement cracking because it preserves the asphalt binders flexibility that holds the pavement together. However, newly applied asphalt sealants can scuff during the first several weeks after it is applied, particularly when the weather is extremely hot. Therefore, the season that new sealcoat is applied can affect the amount of scuffing. Apply sealcoating during the fall or spring when it will have a chance to harden without being exposed to severe heat. In geographic areas prone to high humidity, new sealcoat is more likely to scuff.

Tires and the Vehicle’s Weight

Vehicles can also cause scuffing. The pressure of bearing varied weight can make sealcoating susceptible to scuffing. Vehicles with off-road tires or steel belted tires are more likely to scuff new sealcoat than those with standard tires or tire treads designed for traditional roads.

Driving Style

Aggressiveness and how a driver maneuvers his vehicle also influence whether the vehicle creates scuff marks. The combination of sudden, tight turns and breaking can promote scuffing.

Other Causes of Scuffing

Another factor that can affect scuffing is the amount of time new sealcoating hardens before it is exposed to traffic. Giving the sealcoating sufficient time to cure can reduce scuff marks. Additionally, the texture of asphalt affects the likelihood of scuffing. Asphalt can have a smooth or rough texture, but rough asphalt is more resistant to scuffs. Thus, when sealcoating covers rough asphalt, the protective coating absorbs easily into the rough texture and is less likely to scuff.

Fortunately, if sealcoating scuffs, the condition is usually temporary and will fade with time. Furthermore, as sealcoat hardens, it becomes more resistant to scuffing.

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