What Is the Difference Between Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating?

Asphalt SealcoatingAsphalt surfaces can be repaired and preserved through a variety of methods. Two of those methods include asphalt paving and asphalt sealcoating. Asphalt paving is widely used, and many paving contractors will have you believe that it is the only solution to repairing and/or preserving your asphalt investment. However, this method of restoration is not always necessary and can be very costly. Asphalt paving can mean either adding a new layer of asphalt to the existing layers, or completely replacing the asphalt. The asphalt can be laid relatively quickly and make your outdoor surface new again. If done properly it can address both minor and major defects.

In comparison, sealcoating is a relatively inexpensive process that can be used to extend the life of the pavement, protecting it common conditions that cause it to erode. Sealcoating can be performed on any asphalt surface at least 90 days old, and is recommended as a part of a comprehensive maintenance program. Sealcoating involves applying a specially formulated liquid coating over an existing asphalt surface. When the liquid hardens, it seals the asphalt from harmful elements, including the weather, chemicals and normal use. Sealcoating slows oxidation, prevents water and chemicals from penetrating the surface and is easy to clean. While asphalt overlays and replacements are recommended for a surface at the end of its lifespan, sealcoating is up to 10 times less expensive, and can double its lifespan. Sealcoating is also a great way to renew the look of your lot, especially when followed up by parking lot striping.

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