Is Asphalt Bad For The Environment?

NO, asphalt is not bad for the environment. In fact, Asphalt is a VERY GREEN product. Believe it or not, asphalt is the most widely recycled material in the US, before paper or plastic!

Asphalt is a form of petroleum, and the cost to produce the material is approximately 20 percent less than the overall price to create concrete. The substance doesn’t contain additives and does not harm the environment. Some types of asphalt occur naturally in certain rocks.

Effects On The Ground

Several studies have shown that asphalt does not seep further under the ground after it has dried. In addition, the substance requires far less yearly maintenance than cement and other materials.

The Quality Of The Air

Unlike cobblestone and concrete, asphalt does not contain any greenhouse gases. When a road is being built, clouds of dust from concrete can encompass an area that is within a radius of one mile, but asphalt doesn’t generate plumes of dust when it is being added to a street or removed.

Recycling The Substance

Every year, companies in the industry manufacture 65 million tons of asphalt, and 99 percent of the material is created by using old, recycled asphalt.


Countless studies have shown that asphalt does not wear out as quickly as other materials. When a road that is made of asphalt does need to be repaired, a new layer of the substance can be added to the street and will usually dry within 24 hours.


Tires can grip asphalt much more easily than they can get traction on concrete when a road is wet. In addition, the substance’s dark color allows it to heat up 35 percent more quickly than gray concrete and to cause ice to melt on the roads in cold climates.

Improving The Water Supply

Asphalt will allow some of the water that falls to the ground each year to leak through the street and hydrate the ground underneath the road, and as a result, retention basins are unnecessary.

Getting Started

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