Frustrated With U.S. Highways?

asphalt maintenance Las Vegas, NV A recent national survey asked drivers to choose the traits that roads should possess. Drivers were given a list of 14 traits and asked to select those that were most important to them. The results showed that American drivers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the condition of the nation’s roads, but that they also understood — and accepted — that great roads require periodic maintenance and adequate funds. Here are the top three priorities reported by the drivers surveyed.

Frustrated With U.S. Highways?

• Maintenance: The desire for well-maintained roads was expressed by 84 percent of the drivers. There was a caveat, however — they want the maintenance work to be done during off-peak hours so that the roads are open to traffic during rush hour. Meeting this requirement is far easier with asphalt pavement; asphalt work can typically be done overnight and the roads reopened quickly. Concrete pavement requires more time to repair, and because the concrete has a longer curing time than asphalt, the roads must remain closed for a longer period.
• Smooth Ride: Drivers expressed a dislike for rough roads. Smooth roads are better for their vehicles, provide more comfort for the driver and improve gas mileage. They are safer roads as well. Almost 70 percent of the drivers were willing to endure periodic delays for maintenance work if the results would be smoother roads. When it comes to a smooth, driver-friendly pavement, asphalt is superior to concrete.
• Safety: Approximately 56 percent of the drivers surveyed listed safety as a top priority. Asphalt roads are smoother and therefore safer. Because repairs can be made during times of light traffic, there is far less risk of massive traffic jams that can lead to rear-end collisions and lane-change accidents. Roads can be reopened quickly to reduce the risk of potentially dangerous bottlenecks.

There were two additional attitudes revealed by the survey that were quite telling.

• Approximately 86 percent of the drivers believed that instead of spending on new roads, the focus of the spending should be on repairing and maintaining existing roads.
• Over half of the drivers surveyed stated that they would support new or increased funding mechanisms that were earmarked for the maintenance and/or construction of roadways.

Currently, an estimated 93 percent of all roadways in the United States feature asphalt pavement. This survey underscores why asphalt has been increasing in popularity among those who design and build the nation’s highways, urban streets and rural roads.

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