How many handicap parking spaces do I need on my parking lot?

Handicap Parking SpacesThe Americans With Disabilities Act provides for regulations regarding all restriping projects and the accessible parking spaces that must be provided to remain in compliance. Before beginning any restriping project, we ensure that your plans include these parking spaces and that they fit into the regulations so as to avoid fines and restriping in the future.

State and local government agencies fall under the purview of the ADA’s regulations, as do private businesses and facilities that trade with the public at large. There is, however, no set number of accessible parking spaces per lot. The number is determined as a subset of the total number of parking spaces and is defined as such. For instance, if your lot has between 1 and 25 total parking spaces, you must provide 1 96″ van accessible space set aside for handicap purposes. Those lots with 26-50 spaces must provide 1 van accessible space and 1 60″ wide regular handicap space. The numbers continue to grow with additional spaces.

In addition to providing customers with an acceptable number of handicap parking spaces, any business or government agency must ensure that these spaces are in compliance with ADA regulations. Among these regulations are a provision for accessibility signs, wheelstops when necessary, level access aisles, and clearly defined boundaries. Van accessible spaces must be labeled with the correct signage and be equipped with access aisles at least 96″ in width.

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