How should I prepare for a sealcoating job?

Parking Lot SealcoatingThere are several things you can do to prepare for a sealcoating project. Here are a few tips to facilitate the entire process.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Although you can’t control the weather, try to schedule the project for a day when it isn’t likely to rain. This will allow the coating to dry and adhere better to the surface beneath it. If there is a chance for rain, you can call us to reschedule.

Keep Traffic away from the Parking Area

After the are has been sealed, it’s essential to prevent anyone from using it for at least 24 hours. This includes cars, bicycles, pedestrians and pets.

Make Sure the Area is Completely Empty

The parking lot needs to be empty before we can begin working. If any vehicles are still present, we will have to apply the coating around them, and this will affect the quality of the entire project.

Have Your Lawn Sprinklers Turned Off

The area needs to be completely dry at all times, so it’s important to have your lawn sprinklers turned off before we begin the process. It’s also important to keep them off for at least 24 hours after the project has been completed.

Choose the Right Season

Sealcoating should not be done in cold weather. For best results, the ground temperature should be at least 50 degrees, and the air temperature should be at least 70 degrees.

Contact Affordable Striping

At Affordable Striping, we are locally owned and operated, and we are the experts in asphalt maintenance in Las Vegas. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior customer service, and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with the results. In addition to sealcoating, we perform a variety of other services, including asphalt striping, crack sealing, traffic sign installation and parking lot design.

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