How to Keep Your Parking Lot Compliant With Fire Lane & ADA Striping

How to Keep Your Parking Lot Compliant With Fire Lane and ADA Striping Your parking lot is part of your image, so you probably go to great lengths to ensure that it is clean, attractive, and safe. Perhaps you have a sweeping service that visits weekly or even nightly. Maybe you installed surveillance cameras, exceptional lighting, or an expensive stone wall along one edge of your lot. You may walk around your parking lot every day to check for trash, pavement damage, or illegally parked vehicles. Your parking lot keeps you busy, but are you remembering to check it for fire lane and ADA striping compliance?

Why Should I Worry About the Fire Lane in My Parking Lot?

Your fire lane serves two important functions. The first is to provide an unobstructed area for the vehicles of emergency responders, especially if there is a fire. The second function is to give the occupants of your building a large, clear area for exiting the structure if they need to get out in a hurry. These functions are considered so critical to the safety of emergency personnel, your employees, and your guests or customers that you are legally required to provide a fire lane that complies with certain standards. These standards specify the length and width of the fire lane, the mandatory pavement markings, the size and wording of your signage, and numerous other details. If your fire lane does not comply with the local fire codes, you could face monetary repercussions.

How Do I Ensure ADA Compliance?

The ADA is a complicated and lengthy law that is extremely detailed. The best way to ensure that you are not violating any requirement is to ask an experienced, reputable parking lot striping contractor to evaluate your compliance. Since sealcoating will obscure your existing markings, an ideal time to schedule this evaluation is when you are preparing for your next asphalt sealing procedure. If your parking lot maintenance contractor finds that you are not in compliance, it will be easier and more economical to adjust your parking lot layout before you pay to have the other work performed.

Can My Contractor Use the Same Materials for My Fire Lane and ADA Markings?

You can typically choose the same materials for your parking lot, fire lane, and ADA markings. For example, if you choose thermoplastic line striping for your parking stalls, you can usually choose thermoplastic pavement markings. You can also ask to have your parking lot maintenance contractor use paint for some or all of your stripes and markings. Some colors are specified for certain markings, including the use of blue to identify accessible parking spaces. A contractor with a complete understanding of all applicable regulations can guide you on the selection of colors and materials.

Once I Make My Parking Lot Fully Compliant, Do I Ever Need to Have It Evaluated Again?

Local codes, state laws, and federal regulations are always subject to change. Sometimes, amendments or revisions are required to clarify language, address previously overlooked points, or adapt the law to reflect changes in technology. If you want to make sure that your parking lot always complies with the ADA and any applicable local codes, you should ask your contractor to evaluate your situation every time that you have sealcoating or striping performed.

If My Parking Lot Does Not Comply, What Might Happen?

The repercussions depend on which law or code you violated, whether you were already informed of the problem, and how severely the violation could impact the safety of those on your premises. For example, if your fire lane has a minor violation that no fire official has previously asked you to correct, you will probably be warned of the issue, and you may have to correct it within a specific length of time. The same is often true for a minor violation of the ADA. However, you should never assume that you will be given a chance to correct even an inconsequential violation. Not complying with the ADA could find you embroiled in a class-action lawsuit, or your business could face public humiliation if someone decides to discuss the issue with a reporter or on the social media. Depending on the city, not complying with the fire codes could result in a hefty fine, and you could be sued if someone is injured as a result of your lack of compliance.

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