Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs

Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs, las vegas asphalt crack repairMaking the right decisions on pavement maintenance and repairs can be difficult for any property manager, but those decisions can be even more stressful for HOAs. Homeowners expect a lot from their associations. They expect the HOA to help them safeguard their property values by providing a safe, aesthetically pleasing environment. From enforcing the rules to ensuring that the neighborhood’s parking lots will not cause harm to their vehicles or themselves, homeowners hold their association to high standards. Furthermore, homeowners tend to take very personally any perceived failure by the association. One common point of contention is the condition of the community’s parking lots and other paved areas. Sometimes, the HOA will focus on a parking lot restripe or other cosmetic treatment to pacify its members. However, such efforts will have only a temporary effect if homeowners are forced to fund a premature replacement of the parking lot because the HOA did not invest in economical crack repairs.

Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs

What Are Asphalt Crack Repairs?

Sooner or later, every asphalt pavement will crack. If the pavement was correctly installed, the traffic load was kept within the engineering specifications, and seal coating was applied when needed, the cracks will be smaller. They will develop later in the pavement’s life. Once a crack appears, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to the pavement. When deciding whether to use asphalt crack sealing or asphalt crack filling to make the repair, your contractor will evaluate the pavement’s overall condition, the severity of the crack and its location, and the type of crack. Asphalt crack sealing involves inserting a flexible material into the crack, over the crack, and onto the surrounding pavement. Asphalt crack filling typically involves inserting material only into the crack. Because asphalt crack filler is much more rigid than the material used for crack sealing, the material can be dislodged if the bond with the pavement is broken due to thermal fluctuations. Although crack sealing is the preferred method, the procedure is not suitable for every type of crack. Your contractor will need to determine the best way to repair the cracks in your pavement.

What Happens to Asphalt Pavements With Unrepaired Cracks?

Cracks in asphalt pavements virtually never remain unchanged. Although there are rare exceptions, most cracks will continue to expand in length, depth, and width, spawning additional cracks and potholes. Dirt, automotive fluids, and water can enter the pavement breaks, inflicting damage on each layer on the way to the foundation that supports the pavement. If that foundation becomes eroded or unstable, the entire pavement can be jeopardized. Many times, the only cost-effective way to repair a foundation with extensive damage is to tear out the old pavement and rebuild it.

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