Las Vegas Asphalt Maintenance: Five Do’s & Don’ts

Las Vegas Asphalt Maintenance: Five Do's and Don'tsFor paving projects of all types, asphalt is an economical, attractive choice that can provide many years of useful service. However, if you want your pavement to have a lengthy, trouble-free life, it will require a little help from you in the form of asphalt maintenance. Here are five things you should do and should not do to maintain your pavement.

What Are the Five Do’s of Asphalt Maintenance?

1. Do inspect your pavement every four to six weeks.

When people see something every day, it is easy for them to fail to notice subtle changes unless they give it their full attention. Take the time to walk slowly around your pavement every month or so. Look at your pavement carefully, and make notes of any issues that you feel you should bring to the attention of your paving maintenance contractor. Look for cracks and other signs of damage or distress. Make sure that your parking lot sealcoat is not flaking or cracking. Check the color of your pavement to see whether it has oxidized or faded. Pay attention to the visibility and condition of your pavement markings and striping.

2. Do bundle services whenever possible.

If your parking lot maintenance company offers a variety of services, you may be able to bundle one or more procedures to make your job easier. For example, a good time to have a parking lot restripe is when you need asphalt sealcoating.

3. Do keep your pavement clean.

Have a sweeping service clear away sand, gravel, and trash as often as needed to keep your pavement clean. Depending on your situation, you may need to have your pavement swept nightly, weekly, monthly, or annually. Clean up any automotive fluids that have been leaked onto your pavement. Ask your paving maintenance contractor to recommend the correct products and methods to use so that you do not inadvertently damage your pavement.

4. Do have asphalt sealcoating applied on a regular schedule.

Sealcoating is extremely effective at preventing damage from the sun, petrochemicals, and overheated tires, and it is quite economical. However, parking lot sealcoat is not permanent, so it needs to be reapplied periodically. Ask your contractor to recommend the appropriate schedule for your pavement’s age, use, and condition. Most parking lots in the Vegas area need fresh sealcoating about every two years, but your schedule could vary.

5. Do make sure that you budget appropriately for your paving maintenance.

If you have to watch your pavement deteriorate more and more because there are insufficient funds budgeted for its upkeep, it can be quite upsetting. It is also going to cost you more at a later date to return your pavement to a safe, functional condition. Find a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor to help you determine an appropriate amount to budget for your pavement maintenance.

What Are the Five Don’ts of Asphalt Maintenance?

1. Don’t delay repairs.

Whenever possible, have potholes and cracks repaired as soon as they develop. Pavement breaks are not going to heal themselves. Instead, they will keep expanding in all three dimensions. The earlier you can repair damage, the less it will cost.

2. Don’t let sprinklers water your pavement.

Water has a knack for finding even the smallest of cracks in an asphalt pavement. Gravity draws the water deeper into the pavement, and once the water penetrates far enough, it can erode your pavement’s supporting foundation. Once the foundation has been weakened, the pavement can subside, and this can lead to alligator cracking, potholes, and other types of damage that can be very expensive to repair.

3. Don’t allow your pavement to be abused.

Pavement abuse can take many forms. Allowing heavy, stationary loads to remain on your pavement for more than a day or two is one type of abuse. Permitting tractor-trailers to drive on a pavement that was engineered for passenger vehicles is another. However, when operated by irresponsible drivers, even passenger vehicles can inflict damage. Ban drivers who want to practice spinouts in your parking lot. Install speed bumps to discourage rapid accelerations. Use pavement markings to warn drivers of impending crosswalks, speed bumps, and stop signs to help them avoid having to brake excessively hard.

4. Don’t assume that your pavement is a lost cause.

As pavements age, some property owners assume that it will require a total reconstruction, so they abandon all attempts at paving maintenance. This can be a costly mistake. If you can prevent extensive damage to the pavement’s foundation, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money by having an asphalt overlay installed. Furthermore, experienced maintenance contractors know many different ways to rejuvenate older, unsightly pavements.

5. Don’t assume that you should choose the cheapest bid.

Ask several dependable contractors to provide you with a quote for the work you need. Make sure that each quote details the scope of the work, the quantities and brands of materials, and the labor costs. Compare every line item to verify that all contractors are bidding on the same scope and using comparable materials. This is especially important if one bid is significantly less than the others. A lowball bid could be an honest mistake, but it could also indicate that the contractor does not bother with niceties such as workers’ comp, general liability insurance, or licensing.

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