Why Parking Lot Striping Is Essential for Your Business

Why Parking Lot Striping Is Essential for Your BusinessIt may seem that the paved, well-striped parking lot has been around at least as long as the automobile, but that is not the case. In the early days, off-street parking typically consisted of little more than an expanse of grass or gravel. When paved lots arrived in downtown areas, they were seldom free, and vehicles were usually parked and retrieved by employees. In other areas of a city, however, the model shifted to paved lots in which shoppers could choose their own parking spaces, and property owners began painting stripes to define the individual spaces. Although much has changed since the automobile became popular in America, businesses still need to pay attention to their parking lot striping. A professionally striped and marked parking lot enhances your curb appeal, parking lot safety, and customer satisfaction, and it can also help you optimize your space and comply with legal requirements.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Enhance the Curb Appeal of a Business?

If you were selling a home, you would want its exterior to look inviting so that prospective buyers will want to see the interior. The same principle applies to businesses. When potential customers see a neat, well-marked parking lot, they feel more confident about the quality of your goods, your professionalism, and your concern for your visitors. If you want to maximize the curb appeal of your business, you should consider having your parking lot sealed before it is striped. Some sealcoating contractors offer both services to make things more convenient for their customers.

How Does Professional Las Vegas Lot Striping Enhance Parking Lot Safety?

A safe parking lot is an orderly area in which drivers and pedestrians are given the guidance they need to navigate your property. Drivers need to know the angle at which they are to park, what constitutes a parking space, and where they should not park. If drivers are forced to figure out these things for themselves, they can become confused and distracted, potentially endangering pedestrians as well as other drivers. Your paving striping contractor should also apply crosswalks and other critical pavement markings to increase safety.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

Without striped parking spaces, drivers may park too close to another car. Imagine how upset your customers could be if they return to their cars to find their doors dented, or if they do not have enough room to get into their vehicles. They might even find that they cannot move their vehicles because another driver has parked behind or immediately beside them. They may consider your business and the offending driver to be jointly responsible for their predicament. However, if you maintain your Las Vegas lot striping so that the lines are clean, visible, and neat, most people will realize that you are doing your part to prevent such scenarios.

How Can a Pavement Striping Contractor Help Me Utilize My Space More Effectively?

Every parking lot has a finite number of square feet, which means that there are limits on how many vehicles you can fit within your lot. If there are no markings at all, drivers will often park far away from other vehicles to reduce the chances of door dents. If they do not know how far forward to park, they may straddle the equivalent of two spaces, making it impossible for another car to park behind or in front of them. An experienced parking lot maintenance company can help you design a layout that will allow you to provide the maximum number of parking spaces that will fit within your property boundaries.

How Might a Pavement Striping Contractor Help Me Comply With Legal Requirements?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is usually the first legal requirement that most property managers think of when they are trying to ensure that their parking lot complies with the law. Compliance with the ADA involves many aspects, including parking lot signage, striping, and pavement markings. However, the ADA may not be the only law that applies to your parking lot. Depending on the location and nature of your business, your parking lot may be subject to local fire codes or building codes. For example, you may be required to mark one or more parking spaces to reserve them for emergency vehicles, paint or mark certain curbs, or install traffic signs where your exits meet public thoroughfares. An experienced parking lot maintenance company will know all pertinent laws that apply to your business, so they can help you ensure that you are in full compliance with all of them.

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