Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

Parking Lot SealerWhether the economy is sizzling or fizzling, everyone likes to save money on the things that they need, especially if those things are not particularly exciting — like asphalt pavement. Parking lot repair, driveways and streets are necessary, but they are seldom considered thrilling. Nevertheless, trying to have asphalt work performed “on the cheap” can often backfire and end up costing you more down the road.

It is always a good idea to ask several companies for quotes on your job. What is usually not a good idea is to select an asphalt contractor based on the price alone. Here are a few things to watch out for when you are evaluating multiple contractors.

• Get written quotes and review them carefully. Remember that you will be signing off on the written proposal, so verify that what the contractor promised you verbally is included in the quote.
• Make sure that you compare all the benefits and disadvantages of each contractor. The scope of the service must naturally be the same, but there can be other benefits of choosing one contractor over another. For example, one contractor might commit to performing you work overnight while your business is closed, while another contractor will only commit to a completion date, leaving the scheduling entirely in his hands.
• The experience level of the contractor’s crews is important, but the length of time his workers have been in his employ is also important. Employee churn can be a sign of a troubled business, which can lead to employees who pay less attention to detail or who lack pride in their work.
• Whether you need paving and asphalt installed, parking lot sealer, repairs or pavement markings applied, the work area will need to be closed for a certain length of time. You want to make sure that the contractor you hire will take the necessary steps to minimize the inconvenience this can cause. Ask each contractor how he plans to accomplish this. If it is a large job, will he bring “spare” equipment with him so that work can continue in the event of an equipment failure? Is he willing to absorb the cost of overtime for his crew to finish a job on time if issues under his control put the work behind schedule?

Keep in mind that a bargain is not a bargain if the work has to be repeated or if the results are not what you wanted. Choose a contractor who cares about providing superior results and outstanding customer service — such as Affordable Striping & Sealing. We are a full-service asphalt maintenance company providing sealcoating, striping, traffic stencils and more to customers throughout the Las Vegas area. You can request a fee quote by calling 702-222-9009 or submitting our online form.