Property Management & Asphalt Maintenance

Property Management & Asphalt Maintenance, Affordable Striping, Las Vegas, NVAs a property manager, your workdays are hectic. You must deal with a variety of issues and all types of people virtually every day. On occasion, you may find yourself feeling that there simply are not enough hours in the day to handle all of the tasks that you need to accomplish. With so many demands for your attention, it is easy to overlook routine issues. However, neglecting preventive maintenance on your asphalt pavement could prove to be an expensive oversight.

Property Management & Asphalt Maintenance – What Happens to Neglected Asphalt Pavement?

Often, your first sign that your asphalt pavement needs attention is its change in color. New asphalt pavement is a rich shade of black. If sealcoating is neglected, the sun’s rays will fade the color to a dingy gray or brown. When this happens, it is also a sign that the moisture level of the pavement is being depleted; the pavement is becoming dry, and it will begin to deteriorate quickly.

Another sign of neglected asphalt pavement is the appearance of large cracks and potholes. In most cases, these damages began as small cracks that could have been repaired quickly and economically. As the breaks in your pavement become more extensive, you will be forced to remove and replace your existing pavement, which can be a costly and time-consuming proposition.

What If Asphalt Pavement Is Properly Maintained?

When asphalt pavement receives proper maintenance, it can have a useful life that is often more than twice the life of neglected pavement. To illustrate, most parking lots have a life of approximately 20 years if they receive the necessary maintenance. If all circumstances other than maintenance are identical, a similar lot that does not receive proper maintenance will often need to be completely replaced within 10 years.

What Maintenance Procedures Are Essential?

Although every property can have different maintenance needs, there are two procedures that are absolutely essential. Furthermore, both of these procedures should be performed by a qualified asphalt professional.

• Sealcoating: Sealants are the first line of defense for asphalt pavement, and sealcoating is also an excellent way to restore the pavement’s color. Depending on your specific situation, you will need to have fresh sealcoating applied every two or three years. In some cases, you might need to have areas that receive the most traffic sealcoated annually.
• Crack Repair: Cracks will worsen over time, requiring more expensive repairs. Any crack wider than a quarter-inch or so should be repaired promptly.

One preventive maintenance procedure that you can handle yourself is to keep your pavement clean. Piles of debris can create moist environments that are ideal for assorted fungi. Puddles of oil or other automotive fluids should be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible; automotive fluids can break down asphalt pavement and make it too soft to support traffic.

We Help Customers Extend Their Pavement’s Life

At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we believe in helping our customers obtain the maximum return on their investments in asphalt paving. We offer a wide range of services to property managers in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, including asphalt sealcoat, asphalt repairs and pavement marking. We are committed to offering excellent quality at affordable rates. To request a free quote, you can call 702-222-9009 or submit our online form.

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