Sealcoating – Safety Benefits of Sand

Sealcoating - Safety Benefits of Sand, sealing, sealcoating contractor, asphalt sealcoating, affordable striping, las vegas, nvThe manufacturers of sealcoating conduct extensive research to develop and improve their formulas. The contractor has the responsibility to design the “mix” and if the product is not prepared correctly, the results will be disappointing. One recommendation, however, is often ignored by inexperienced or unscrupulous contractors: All instructions provided by sealcoating manufacturers include a strong recommendation to add silica sand to the mix.

Sealcoating – Safety Benefits of Sand

When added to sealcoating mix, silica sand improves the surface’s traction. Without sand, even a light rain or a little runoff from a sprinkler system can make the surface slippery. Anyone walking across the surface could easily slip and fall, and drivers may find that their vehicles skid on the pavement. This increases your risk of a lawsuit should an injury or damage occur on your property.

Sand improves safety in another way. On a sunny day, a sealcoated pavement can reflect the sun’s rays. The resulting glare can make it difficult for drivers to see properly. Silica sand reduces glare, making the area safer and more comfortable for drivers and pedestrians.

In addition, without sand, the mix may not have enough solid content. The mix will be too liquid and runny. This makes it virtually impossible to achieve a smooth, even application of the proper depth. The sealcoating will wear off much faster than it should, often in just a few months.

Why Some Contractors Skip the Sand

Some sealcoat contractors believe that silica sand will cause excessive wear on their equipment. Others complain that their pumps are inadequate to spray a mix containing sand. Still others may not own a machine with a proper agitation system to keep the sand mixed throughout the sealant. All of these arguments indicate an inexperienced contractor who does not know how to use the equipment properly or a contractor who is trying to get by with shoddy equipment. None of these arguments are valid excuses for cheating the customer by failing to deliver quality work.

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