Making Asphalt Safe


Making Asphalt Safe Las Vegas, NVAt Affordable Striping & Sealing, we believe making asphalt safe is important. We are well aware that our crews are working in one of the most high-risk construction industry occupations. Our goal is to ensure that every one of our employees goes home safe and sound from every job, so we make safety procedures and training an important part of every worker’s job.

This Is How We Are Making Asphalt Safe

Basic Safety Precautions

We require all personnel to wear the appropriate safety gear at all times, including items that make them more visible. Personnel not trained for a specific task are not permitted to perform that task. Moving asphalt sealcoating machines on a parking lot are watched closely by all employees.  Employees are instructed to never walk behind vehicles that are backing up. We also stress the importance of teamwork and the necessity of looking after each other’s safety when on a jobsite.

Traffic Safety Precautions

Traffic passing adjacent to the work area increases the risks to our employees. When possible, we schedule work during times when traffic will be at its lowest volume. We require crews to place barricades, cones, signage and other items to direct traffic around the work area safely, and we require these items to be inspected multiple times during the shift to ensure they are still in place and functioning properly. All workers are to notify their supervisors of any unsafe conditions they encounter, and the supervisor is to halt work until the hazardous condition has been remedied. When necessary, our crews are to deploy lookouts or flagmen as well as use two-way radios to maintain communications between spotters, flaggers or workers and the rest of the crew.

Equipment Safety Precautions

Making asphalt safe means no equipment is to be placed in service without performing an inspection at the start of every shift. All machines are to have working parking, service and emergency brakes. If repairs are needed, proper lockout procedures are mandatory, and all workers must be protected from moving parts. Vehicles must be equipped with a manual warning device, and paving machine operators are to signal whenever they plan to resume movement. Operators are to make sure that parking brakes are set properly and the equipment idled down before they step from their stations. Paving machines cannot be left unattended during the heating process.

At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we firmly believe that a well-trained crew is a safer crew. We have also found that safety conscious crews tend to be more protective of our customers and everyone around the work area. In addition, making asphalt safe ensures that our crews are dedicated to providing exceptional results at affordable prices. Whether you need pavement markings, sealcoating, pothole and crack repairs or any other asphalt maintenance service, you can depend on us. If you would like to request a free estimate, call 702-222-9009 or submit our convenient online form.