Property Management & Asphalt Repair

Property Management & Asphalt Repair, Las Vegas NVIf you have watched television recently, you have probably noticed attorney after attorney advertising their services to those who have suffered a personal injury. Most offer to represent clients on a contingency basis, meaning the injured party does not pay a fee unless the attorney secures an award. Lawsuits are definitely on the increase. Those in property management, business owners and even municipalities have become increasingly concerned; many of these cases are being won by the litigants in the areas of property or premise liabilities. This is the area encompassing most suits over a personal injury or property damage resulting from uneven pavements, including potholes.

Property Management & Asphalt Repair Are Important

What are Potholes?

Potholes are bowl-shaped depressions in asphalt pavement that have normally lost their paving materials. They can range in size from a few centimeters to more than a foot in width. Potholes form when the pavement’s foundation loses its integrity, neglected repairs allow cracks to grow, the material used was flawed or the design was faulty. They can also be the result of subjecting the pavement to loads that it was not designed to bear. In some cases, multiple factors lead to the formation of potholes.

What Risks Do Potholes Pose?

Risks fall into two categories — personal injury and property damage. Under the first category, a pedestrian injured due to stepping into or tripping over a pothole could fall or twist an ankle. This person might not bother to consult an attorney if the injury is minor, such as a skinned knee or stubbed toe. However, if the fall results in a broken bone or other significant injury, the pedestrian might be more inclined to sue the property management company or business. The same is true if a bicyclist is thrown from his bike after striking a pothole; he might shrug off a minor injury, but should he suffer a head injury from the fall or from being thrown into the path of a moving car, he might seek compensation.

Under the category of property damage, a motorist might be driven to call a lawyer if his car’s transmission is ruined by a collision with a pothole. Potholes can also flatten tires, impact the front-end alignment or pull out lines hanging beneath the car. Bicycles and motorcycles can also suffer damage from potholes, including bent rims and flat tires.

Are All Potholes Potential Liabilities?

It is always wise to err on the side of caution. Statutes vary by jurisdiction, but judges typically evaluate whether business owners were or should have been aware of the problem and/or took steps to correct the problem once they became aware. For example, a property management firm that had received numerous complaints about potholes in the parking lot at one of their malls could be held accountable if they took no action to have the potholes repaired until several months after they received the first complaint.

For Pothole Repairs in the Greater Las Vegas Area

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