Your Pavement Needs Maintenance and Repair

Your Pavement Needs Maintenance and Repair, asphalt maintenance, asphalt crack repair, affordable striping and sealing, las vegas, nvAsphalt is an economical, durable and attractive option for any type of pavement. However, making sure that your pavement receives the maintenance and minor repairs that it needs is critical if you want your pavement to maintain its curb appeal and achieve its longest possible life. Proper repairs and maintenance can also help you prevent potholes, which can pose a potential liability if they lead to injured people or damaged vehicles.

Your Pavement Needs Maintenance and Repair – Why Potholes Develop

Occasionally, potholes are the result of improper installation of the asphalt pavement. If the base is not compacted properly, it may not be able to provide a strong, even foundation for the pavement. The pavement can sag in unsupported areas, allowing potholes to form. Improper compaction of the asphalt or installation of asphalt layers that are insufficient for the traffic can also lead to potholes.

However, the most common reason that potholes develop is that asphalt repairs and routine maintenance procedures have not been performed when needed. Open cracks allow water to seep beneath the pavement and erode the base. Oil and other fluid leaks are allowed to remain on the pavement long enough to break down the binders in the pavement, turning the area soft and making it easy for hot tires to dislodge chunks of pavement. New applications of sealcoating are not applied at regular intervals, allowing the pavement to become dry and crumbly. Bumps or swollen areas are not addressed when they first appear. Patches fail, developing cracks or allowing the surrounding asphalt to crack and give way.

Once a Pothole Develops

If a pothole develops, you should take immediate action. Potholes will always lead to more damage, and the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to fix the problem. Large cracks may develop that extend out from the pothole, or large areas of pavement may develop a pattern of damage known as alligator cracking. You also risk having extensive damage done to the pavement’s base. Although most potholes can be repaired quickly and economically, if the base is destabilized or alligator cracking occurs, large areas of the pavement will probably need to be removed and replaced.

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