Why Surface Prep Is Key in Pavement Marking

Why Surface Prep Is Key in Pavement Marking, parking lot layout las vegas Parking lot striping is not simply a matter of splashing on a little paint. The surface must be properly prepared if the job is to be durable and attractive. To understand the concept, pour some oil or sand on a piece of tape, and then try to get the tape to stick to a hard surface. At best, it will adhere for an extremely short time. Furthermore, the tape will have unsightly lumps from the globs of oil or particles of sand. Similar results occur if parking lot striping contractors do not take the time to prepare the surface of the pavement.

How Do Contractors Prepare a Surface for Pavement Markings?


Credible contractors go through several steps to ensure that a paved area is ready to accept pavement marking. Some of these steps are similar or identical to those that asphalt sealcoating contractors use to ensure a strong bond between a sealant and an asphalt pavement.


1. Evaluate the pavement. If the surface has been recently sealed, the sealcoating must be sufficiently cured. If the surface has cracks, potholes or other damage, repairs need to be made before striping.


2. Any stains from or puddles of petroleum-based automotive fluids will need to be cleaned. Property managers who include this step in their parking lot maintenance programs may need little or no work performed in this step. However, if such cleanings have been neglected, a primer may need to be applied to ensure proper bonding.


3. Trash, dirt and other debris must be removed. If water is used to clean the surface, the pavement must be given time to dry completely before the paint is applied.


4. It is always better to remove existing stripes and markings before applying new ones, but removal is essential if the paint is flaking or cracking, the parking lot layout requires alteration, or the new paint chosen is not the same type as the old paint. There are various ways to remove existing markings, including rotary erasers and solvents.


5. Porous surfaces absorb more paint than impervious surfaces. Therefore, a porous surface may require two or more thin coats of paint. On the other hand, impervious surfaces are less absorbent, so if the asphalt surface is extremely smooth, tires can break the bond between the pavement and the paint. There are methods that the contractor can use to improve bonding if the asphalt is overly smooth. For example, they can use a scarifier to roughen the pavement where the stripes and markings will go.


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