What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?When you hired an asphalt contractor to build your new parking lot, street or other pavement, you were probably given an estimated life expectancy for your new investment. However, that estimate was based on the assumption that the new pavement would receive the right maintenance throughout its life. Problems often arise because property owners are not sure which maintenance procedures represent a wise utilization of the money budgeted for pavement maintenance. Essential asphalt maintenance services can be divided into two categories: those that extend the pavement’s life and those that enhance the pavement’s safety. However, keep in mind that some procedures can do both.


What Are the Essential Asphalt Maintenance Services for Extending the Pavement’s Life?


Although asphalt pavement is extremely economical to install, it still represents a sizable investment if you have a large parking lot or major thoroughfare. Therefore, getting the longest life possible is just as important to a major corporation as it is for a municipality. The following two procedures are important contributors to a long life for your pavement.


1. Asphalt crack repair is an economical way to help you avoid more expensive repairs and extend the life of your pavement. Open cracks allow moisture to reach the pavement’s base, potentially leading to erosion and a destabilized base. Cracks also allow dirt to settle in the void, and while this can be damaging on its own, it can potentially allow vegetation to take root and cause additional damage. Admittedly, vegetation is not a major issue in most parts of Las Vegas, but if your property happens to be next to golf course, school sports ground or other grassy area, you might receive an unwelcome surprise.


2. Asphalt sealcoating is especially important in the Las Vegas area. The sun emits ultraviolet radiation, and these UV rays remove the moisture from asphalt pavement, leaving it brittle and easily damaged. The sun’s rays also fade the color of asphalt pavement to a dingy gray or brown that is not as aesthetically pleasing as the original dark color. Sealants restore the color, block the UV rays and help prevent the damage that hot tires can do to an unprotected asphalt pavement during a typical Las Vegas summer.


What Are the Essential Asphalt Maintenance Services for Enhancing the Pavement’s Safety?


The issue of safety covers pedestrians, motorcyclists, vehicles and bicyclists. Both asphalt sealcoating and crack repair can enhance safety as well as protect your asphalt pavement. Sealants provide better traction to help prevent slips and skids. Unrepaired cracks can trip pedestrians or unseat a cyclist. However, other maintenance procedures can also improve the safety and/or appearance of your pavement.


1. Pavement markings provide essential information to drivers and pedestrians. Whether guiding vehicles through a parking lot, denoting a pedestrian crosswalk, conveying information to drivers traveling on a busy street, or denoting handicapped parking spaces, pavement markings are valuable safety features.


2. Parking lot striping tells drivers where and how to park. Without defined spaces, drivers are liable to park at different angles and wherever they please. The resulting chaos can lead to minor accidents, but it is also an inefficient use of your space. Furthermore, fresh, crisp paint improves the visual appeal of your parking lot.


3. It is also important to let drivers know where they should not park. Fire lanes, reserved parking spaces, loading zones and other no-parking areas can be identified through painted curbs or special pavement markings. Most parking lot striping contractors also offer curb painting and pavement markings.


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