What is the process for asphalt sealcoating?

Don’t let your asphalt pavement fall into ruin and disrepair. An asphalt parking lot can last a very long time, but only with periodic resealing. Good thing the process is not terribly complicated. Here are the seven basic steps of sealcoating:

1. All vehicles must be removed and the parking lot blocked-off before doing anything else. After that, make certain that all automated sprinklers in the area are turned completely off. They’ll need to be off for at least 24 hours.

2. Before sealcoating an asphalt surface, all debris must be removed. This means dirt, leaves, mold and other debris. We may use a blower, a broom or a brush. We use water only if we have to, as it will slow progress on the job site.

3. If there are oil stains or chemical spills on the asphalt lot, they must be covered with a sealant primer. This is a crucial step, as sealant will not properly adhere to an oily surface.

4. Cracks and other defects must be filled and repaired with a high quality crack sealant.

5. At least two coats of commercial grade asphalt sealant should be applied. Any less than that, and the Las Vegas sun will degrade the sealant rather quickly.

6. When the resealed surface is properly set, parking lines and traffic markers can be reapplied. Water-based acrylic paint is preferred, as oil-based paints may absorb the pigment of the sealant, resulting in discoloration.

7. Once your resealed parking lot is cured and your traffic markers are dry, it’s time to reopen the lot to traffic.

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