Parking Lot Maintenance Tips – Removing Oil Stains

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips - Removing Oil Stains, asphalt maintenance las vegasPreserving the appearance and integrity of your asphalt parking lot can easily be achieved by performing all necessary paving maintenance as quickly and professionally as possible. Experienced Las Vegas paving contractors recommend having a preventive maintenance program in place that includes the efficient removal of any oil stains. Oil left on the surface of asphalt pavement will cause it to soften and deteriorate. The deterioration will cause the asphalt binder to weaken and lose its ability to keep the aggregate in place, allowing the pavement to crumble. If left unrepaired, the oil-stained area of asphalt pavement will have to be removed and replaced with new asphalt material.

Why Should the Removal of Oil Stains Be Left to Professionals?

Removing oil stains can be labor-intensive and time-consuming for the average property manager or owner. Professional asphalt contractors will have the experience, personnel, equipment and materials necessary to ensure the oil is removed and the area is properly repaired so that no further damage can occur. Your striping contractor may be able to perform this service when you your parking lot sealed and striped, and they can also apply a primer if it is necessary. Most striping and sealcoating contractors also offer remedial services, including asphalt crack repair, patching and pothole repair.

What About Removing Oil Stains Myself?

Removing oil stains yourself may be possible if the oil stain is small enough and relatively fresh. On an area like a residential driveway, some household cleansers may be helpful, but you should never use solvents on asphalt pavement. The basic do-it-yourself procedure is to blot up as much of the oil as possible before covering the area with a layer of baking soda or cat litter. Wait at least 12 hours, then sweep up the material and rinse the area well with clear water. Next, apply dishwashing liquid or another grease-fighting cleanser to the stain. Scrub vigorously by hand with a stiff brush; do not use one with wire bristles. Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary. If you see signs of damage at any point, stop. An asphalt paving maintenance contractor will need to be employed to properly repair the area.

What Can Be Done to Prevent the Damage Oil Stains Do to Asphalt Pavement?

Not much can be done to prevent vehicles from dripping motor oil and other petroleum-based fluids on your asphalt pavement. However, minimizing or preventing potential damage can be achieved.

Sealcoating is an important part of asphalt maintenance. Asphalt sealcoating contractors state that the first application of a sealant material should be performed when the asphalt pavement is still new but has cured properly. Sealcoating should continue throughout the asphalt pavement’s life. A new application of sealant should be performed at least every two years or as directed by the asphalt striping Las Vegas contractor servicing your parking lot.

The sealcoating’s hard shell protects the surface of the asphalt from the sun’s damaging rays and helps prevent the effects of oxidation. However, sealants also form a barrier on the surface of the asphalt that will provide some temporary protection from the damaging effects from oil stains.

Before sealcoating an asphalt pavement, it should be properly prepared. All asphalt crack repair work should be done professionally. Filling the cracks in the asphalt surface allows the sealcoating material to form a complete barrier that prevents moisture and oil from easily entering the asphalt pavement. Existing oil stains will need to be completely removed and/or the oil-stained area primed so that the sealcoating material will properly adhere to the pavement.

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