What Does a Properly Maintained Asphalt Parking Lot Look Like?

What Does a Properly Maintained Asphalt Parking Lot Look Like? Las VegasThe parking lot is often the first thing noticed by visitors when they arrive on your property. Having a clean, attractive, well-maintained parking lot gives visitors a favorable first impression. Fortunately, maintaining the integrity and appearance of your asphalt parking lot can be a relatively simple process. Routine maintenance will provide the opportunity to visually inspect the asphalt surface for small issues before they become large and expensive repairs. Asphalt contractors recommend following a detailed preventive maintenance program in order to secure the integrity of your pavement and preserve its appearance.


Does the Pavement’s Age Affect the Maintenance Needed for an Asphalt Parking Lot?


The older an asphalt parking lot is, the more maintenance it will likely require. However, even a brand-new asphalt parking lot will require periodic maintenance. Regardless of its age, asphalt pavement can benefit from the following procedures.


Asphalt sealcoating is a must for any asphalt pavement. A new asphalt parking lot should have its first application of a seal coating material applied after it has fully cured. Your asphalt contractor can tell you the appropriate interval when installing your pavement. In order to maintain the appearance of the asphalt as well as protect the pavement’s structure, seal coating should be applied again every two years or as recommended by your asphalt contractor.

• Asphalt begins to oxidize as soon as it is installed. Oxidation causes the asphalt binder to become dry and brittle over time. If cracks appear on the surface, moisture will enter the asphalt and begin a deterioration process that can result in foundation damage, potholes and other types of damage that can be costly to repair. To help prevent damage caused by moisture penetration, asphalt crack repair should be performed before the asphalt is sealcoated.

• Oil and other vehicle fluids that drip onto the asphalt surface make the area less attractive, but they will also damage the asphalt by making it soft and crumbly. Removing stains as quickly as possible is important for protecting your asphalt parking lot and maintaining its appearance.

• A properly built and well-maintained asphalt parking lot should disperse water efficiently, and areas that retain water should be addressed. Although precipitation is seldom a major issue in the Las Vegas area, when rain does fall, it can all come in a single day, and many parking lots also receive runoff from sprinkler systems. Water that remains on the surface of the pavement can penetrate down into the asphalt structure and base, causing serious damage. Therefore, you should check all drains periodically and keep them clear of any debris that may impede the flow of water. Puddles and other standing water on the asphalt parking lot deter people from parking in those areas and could prove to be a liability.

• Parking spaces should be well-defined, and driving lanes should be obvious and maneuverable. All curbs that require special consideration should be painted with their appropriate colors. Parking spaces, signs and pavement markings required by the Americans with Disabilities Act should be kept in well-maintained, easily recognizable condition.

• Regular cleaning of the asphalt parking lot should be done as often as necessary to maintain the surface and create an inviting environment. A clean asphalt surface also provides a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles. Remove any piles of dirt or trash to prevent potential stains on the surface of the asphalt and to eliminate potential tripping hazards.


Being proactive about your parking lot maintenance does not mean that you need to spend a great deal of money. Asphalt maintenance is typically economical and causes little disruption. Spending a little now to maintain your parking lot could result in significant savings in the future. In fact, it is not uncommon for a well-maintained parking lot to have a service life that is more than twice as long as a similar lot that receives little or no maintenance.


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