Sealcoating In The Winter

Sealcoating In The Winter In Las Vegas, NVWinter is not the ideal time to have sealcoating applied. However, it is not impossible if the weather is willing to cooperate.

• The primary requirement is that the temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the minimum for both the ground and the air. Furthermore, the temperature cannot drop below that point at any time during the application or while the sealcoating is drying.
• Sealcoating needs UV radiation to cure sufficiently. During the winter months, the sun is so low, relative to the horizon, that the area will not receive the sunlight it needs after about 2 p.m. As a result, crews typically work half-days when sealcoating, so the second coat will require an additional day. This can result in higher charges for the customer as the equipment and personnel will have to be taken to the job site on two different days. Areas that are in shade will dry more slowly, so this could result in a job that extends beyond the two-day minimum.
• Even a small amount of water can ruin a sealcoating job. The Las Vegas area does not get much rain and dew is not a major problem, most of the precipitation received in the area is during the winter months. Therefore, when sealcoating in the winter, contractors are gambling that there will be dry conditions as well as sufficient temperatures for the duration of the job.
• Applying sealants in the winter can require special techniques, such as hand application or the use of additives, which can increase the cost of the job.

Although asphalt sealer is a critical part of protecting your asphalt pavement, it may not be wise to have it applied during winter. If you feel that it is essential, however, you should consult a reputable contractor to determine whether it is possible, based on the scope of your project and the current weather conditions. In many cases, it might be better to have repairs made over the winter and wait to sealcoat your pavement until spring arrives.

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