Sealcoating….is it really worth the investment?

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Parking Lot - Photo 2Customers frequently ask why they should spend the money to have sealcoating applied to their asphalt pavement. The short answer is that sealcoating is an effective way to protect your asphalt while simultaneously improving its appearance. Over time, sealcoating can save you a considerable amount of money.

Think about the preventive maintenance procedures that are typically performed on a car. The oil is changed regularly to guard against engine wear. Soft or bulging hoses are replaced before they rupture and leave the driver stranded. Wash and wax jobs help keep the car looking its best (which often enhances the satisfaction the owner feels while driving it) while protecting the paint from damages. Other procedures are performed as well, but they are all intended to avoid an unexpected breakdown, extend the life of the car, enhance the car’s appearance, promote safer operation of the vehicle and/or protect the car from cosmetic damages.

Sealcoating is part of a routine maintenance program that benefits your asphalt in ways that are similar to the benefits a car gains from regular maintenance.

• The sun’s rays can cause asphalt to fade to an unsightly gray, and UV rays can also cause a loss of moisture in the asphalt, leading to brittle pavement. Sealcoating helps block solar radiation to protect against fading and brittleness.
• Sealcoating can help restore the lustrous, natural black color of asphalt even if some fading has occurred. Because it will also fill in minor surface flaws, it gives the pavement a smoother, more even appearance as well.
• Most automotive fluids, including gasoline, motor oil and transmission fluid, will accelerate the decay of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier against chemicals, slowing penetration and giving you additional time to remove spills and stains.

If you have your asphalt pavement professionally sealcoated and cracks repaired promptly, you can frequently double your pavement’s life. When you consider the expense and inconvenience of having your asphalt pavement completely replaced, it is apparent that investing in sealcoating is a sound economic decision.

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