Importance of Traffic Signs & Road Markings

Importance of Traffic Signs & Road Markings, las vegas parking lot paintingIf you have ever driven on an unmarked highway, you no doubt noticed that it was often difficult to judge the position of your own vehicle. Whether cars were approaching toward you or passing you, you may have experienced a moment of uncertainty while you tried to determine the path of the other vehicles and decide whether you were infringing on their space. Unmarked pavements create distractions for drivers, making travel more hazardous for themselves and everyone else who is on the same road.

Importance of Traffic Signs & Road Markings

The same confusion can result in an unmarked parking lot. Drivers can be distracted while they are attempting to figure out the parking pattern, traffic flow and rights-of-way. This increases the chances of a minor collision, but it also increases risks for pedestrians. As the property owner, you could be found liable for accidents and injuries resulting from your failure to maintain a safe, clearly marked parking area for your employees, customers or guests.

Missing traffic signs only exacerbate problems on roads and in parking lots. Drivers are left to guess at speed limits, and lane transitions, curves and pedestrian crossings can take them by surprise.

Understanding the advantages of pavement markings and traffic signs is not difficult. However, many people have more trouble identifying essential signs and markings.

Important Traffic Signs

Roadways need a variety of signs, including warnings about merging traffic, the end of a divided roadway, pedestrian crossings, upcoming intersections, construction, low shoulders, railroad crossings and steep grades. Stop signs, speed limit signs and yield signs are important for both parking lots and roads. Parking lots may need signs denoting no-parking areas, and many parking lots also need signs to identify pedestrian crossings and ADA-accessible spaces. If certain spaces are reserved for motorcyclists, visitors, compact cars or other special purposes, these spaces should have signs to identify them.

Important Pavement Markings

For roads, edge lines and centerlines are important, and they are extremely critical if traffic will be traveling at a brisk speed and/or multiple lanes move in the same direction. Markings that indicate mandatory turns, warn of upcoming stop signs, denote pedestrian crossings or segregate bike lanes are highly desirable.

For parking lots, pavement markings should include arrows to indicate the direction that traffic should follow and to identify crosswalks, the aisles bordering accessible parking spaces and no-parking zones. Large parking lots may need pavement markings to supplement stop signs as well as markings to differentiate between exits and entrances. Bumps, dips and other potential hazards should be marked as well. Obviously, parking lots also need to have all parking stalls clearly marked.

Who to Call for Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings

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