Asphalt Crack Repair – Hot & Cold

Asphalt Crack Repair - Hot & Cold, asphalt contractor When cracks develop in asphalt pavement, it is imperative to have them repaired as quickly as possible. Chemicals, automotive fluids and water can enter through the open crack, causing more damage to the pavement and its base. As a result, you could end up having to replace your pavement many years sooner than anticipated. When it is time to have the cracks in your pavement repaired, you may be asked to decide between hot and cold sealants. Although anything that seals a crack is better than leaving an open break in the pavement, hot-pour sealants are typically superior to cold-pour sealants for the following reasons.

Asphalt Crack Repair – Hot & Cold – Why Hot Sealants Last Longer

Cold-pour crack sealants are far from permanent. Cold sealants can fail within a few months, requiring you to have the same cracks repaired repeatedly. Hot-pour sealants establish a stronger bond with the surrounding pavement, and unlike cold-pour sealants, they remain flexible enough to move with the pavement without breaking the bond. Cold-pour sealants are much more rigid, and since the bond is weak, gaps can form between the pavement and the sealant. The entire plug can be ejected from the crack or dislodged by traffic.

Hot Sealants Are More Versatile

Hot-pour crack sealants can be used for a greater variety of cracks and applied during a greater range of weather conditions. Cold-pour sealants are better suited for use on narrow, shallow cracks. Because they contain a higher volume of water than hot-pour sealants, cold-pour sealants are problematic in cooler weather due to the slower rate of evaporation. Cold-pour sealants are also more likely to shrink during the curing process, especially during cool weather. Whether they are applied in hot or cold weather, hot-pour sealants have very little shrinkage, can be used for deeper, wider cracks and do not rely as much on evaporation for curing.

Hot Sealants Are a Better Value

You are probably aware that the lowest cost does not always ensure the best value. Having a crack repaired once with a cold-pour sealant will typically cost less; the contractor will not need to move as much equipment or pay as much in labor. However, having a crack repaired two or three times with a cold-pour sealant is almost always going to cost you substantially more than having it repaired once with a hot-pour sealant. Therefore, the hot-pour repair represents a better value over time — which is why most state transportation departments require the use of hot-pour sealants for repairing cracks.

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