Can You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?

Can You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?, asphalt striping las vegasAlthough asphalt pavement is economical, it still represents a significant investment in what should be a long-lasting asset. Whether you are having new pavement installed, cracks in your pavement repaired or your parking lot sealed, you need a trustworthy asphalt contractor to ensure the longevity and quality of the work. If you are ready to interview a few asphalt contractors, here are tips to help you make sure that your contractor deserves your trust.


Can You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?  How Well Do You Communicate?


Effective communication can prevent unwelcome surprises down the road. When you first contact an asphalt contractor, he or she should be willing to take the time necessary to obtain an accurate picture of your needs and budget. Any questions you might have should be answered in understandable language. If you need to contact your contractor before, during or after the work, you should be able to reach him or her quickly; if you must leave a message, your call should be returned within a reasonable time. Your contractor should be willing to explain every step of the work that will be done.


Will Your Asphalt Contractor Put Everything in Writing?


You have the right to insist on a written quote that contains all pertinent details. The quote should include the types of materials, the labor costs, the contractor’s warranty, the payment terms, the anticipated starting date and the time required to complete the job. A written contract that conforms to the quote should be presented for your signature before work begins. Verbal quotes can quickly deteriorate into an issue of who said what, potentially leaving you at risk of cost overruns.


Does Your Asphalt Contractor Have a Good Reputation?


Browse the contractor’s website to learn more about the company. Are there pictures of previous work and/or customer reviews? Is the contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau or other professional associations? Does the company have a record of promptly resolving disputes? How long has the company been in business? Will the contractor provide you with references that you can verify?


Does Your Asphalt Contractor Have the Experience Needed for Your Project?


Ask all potential asphalt paving contractors how much experience they have in the type of work you need performed. Applying sealant to a suburban driveway is a far cry from sealing the parking lot of a large mall. Traffic control, equipment, crew size and other details will be dramatically different. By the same token, a contractor who has only handled the construction of new highways might not be the best choice for providing you with an effective layout for your parking lot striping.


Is Your Asphalt Contractor Insured?


There are numerous types of insurance that reputable contractors carry. If the workers are the contractor’s employees, each employee should be covered by the contractor’s workers’ compensation insurance. A general liability policy of at least $500,000 should be in force. The contractor’s vehicles should be insured, and it is also desirable for the contractor to carry an umbrella policy.


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