Parking Lot Striping – Scenarios To Consider

Parking Lot Striping - Scenarios To Consider, line striping las vegasMany things seem simple until you actually try to do them for the first time. Striping a parking lot is one of these tasks that are far more complicated than they appear to the uninitiated. Seasoned striping contractors will not allow you to worry about ADA guidelines, maximizing your parking lot or the safety features and aesthetic appeal you desire.


The Layout Is Critical


There are many ways to configure a parking lot. For example, if you choose to angle parking spaces at 90 degrees, you can often provide spaces for up to twice as many cars than would fit in the same area if the angle is reduced to 30 degrees. However, head-in spaces require allowing for a wider turning radius. Angled parking is generally considered easier for drivers than head-in parking and is typically preferred for short-term parking areas.


Traffic aisles can be one-way or two-way, but the design must allow for wider aisles if the traffic is going to flow in both directions. In some instances, one-way traffic aisles help maximize the number of spaces that can be installed.


The number, size and location of ADA-compliant spaces is stringently regulated. For example, handicapped spaces are to be located to provide the shortest path to an accessible entrance. They must include access aisles, and neither the space nor the aisles can have a slope of more than 2 percent.


Another potential source of additional parking is the area next to a wall or fence. If there is sufficient room, you can often provide spaces for parallel parking in these areas rather than leave them unused.


The Application of Pavement Markings and Striping


The best results are achieved by using a high-quality striping machine. However, these machines do not run themselves, so they need to be used by a skilled operator. Otherwise, you can expect the results to be less than perfect. You may find areas where the paint is too thick or too thin, crooked lines, smeared paint or other mistakes that affect the aesthetics of your parking lot. Some mistakes can even affect the safety of your parking lot and the durability of your markings.


Experienced, reputable professionals know that the paint used must be suitable for the type of pavement. For example, asphalt pavements that have been sealed and concrete pavements usually require different types of paint. Some paints need to be applied within certain temperature ranges. There is also the issue of the paint color; certain colors are typically chosen to convey specific information.


The operator of the striping machine must ensure that the paint is applied at the correct rate. If it is too thin, your markings will not have the proper visibility. However, if the paint is too thick, it will take longer to dry, the job will likely not last as long and some types of paint can inflict damage on the pavement if applied in excess.


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