What can I do about potholes?

pothole-repair las vegas affordable stripingMost potholes are caused by the penetration of water beneath the asphalt, subjecting the pavement to heavier loads than it was engineered to bear or a combination of these two factors. Left unrepaired, a pothole can cause further damage to the pavement, but it also poses a tripping hazard to pedestrians and can damage vehicles that drive over it. There are two things that you can do about potholes: prevent them and repair them.

Preventing Potholes

Although potholes are not 100-percent preventable, the majority of them are. The following steps can help you prevent potholes from forming in your asphalt pavement.

• Have your pavement installed by an experienced, reputable contractor. Shoddy workmanship or sub-standard materials are going to cause issues well before pavement’s lifespan should have ended.
• Have cracks or frayed edges repaired promptly. Water can reach the foundation and erode it, weakening the strength of the pavement and leading to further damage, such as potholes.
• Have your pavement sealcoated. Sealcoating gives you additional defense against the corrosive effects of fluids leaking from cars on your property.

Repairing Potholes

When it comes to repairing potholes, there are several different methods that an asphalt professional can use. The method depends on the current weather, the extent of damage, the customer’s preference and whether there are plans to resurface in the near future.

• Cold-mix asphalt repairs are the least expensive, but they are also the most temporary. They are a good alternative if a quick fix is needed and the weather will not permit the use of hot-mix asphalt. Most asphalt contractors refer to the cold-mix repairs as “throw and go” or “throw and roll,” with the distinction being whether or not the contractor compacts the area at the time of the repair or allows traffic to compact it.
• Hot-mix asphalt repairs are more durable as well as more costly. At the high end, the contractor can remove a section of the asphalt containing the pothole, re-compact the foundation and replace and compact the asphalt. This method is called “remove and replace,” and although it is the most permanent solution, it is also the most expensive. Infrared patching is one step down the scale; through infrared heaters, the damaged and surrounding asphalt is warmed so that the patch can be blended in seamlessly. The final method is called a skin patch, which involves spreading hot asphalt over the damaged area to form a type of bandage. This method is not permanent, but it will last a lot longer than the cold-mix methods.

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