What is the difference between hot-pour and cold- pour crack sealants?

crack repair Las Vegas NV Affordable Striping & SealingWhen asphalt contractors are called to a customer’s site for an inspection and quote for filling cracks, they must decide whether to use a cold-pour or hot-pour crack sealant. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Cold-pour sealants:
• Are less expensive but have a shorter life
• Are ready to apply directly from the container
• Are sold and applied as a liquid
• Dry to a hard substance that lacks flexibility
• Can be forced out of place by frost heaving
• Are subject to shrinkage and loss of bonding properties
• Cannot be used in cold weather due to evaporation difficulties
• Are seldom used for commercial properties or road work
• Have definite limits on the size of crack that can be filled
• Can be applied using a variety of methods, including pouring or spraying, and some methods that can be rather messy

Hot-pour sealants:
• Are more expensive but have a longer life
• Are sold as a solid block
• Must be melted onsite and applied hot
• Dry to a flexible, rubbery substance that retains its pliability
• Remain in place much better as they are not affected by frost heaving
• Have little shrinkage so bonding loss is minimal
• Can be used even when ground temperatures drop
• Are suitable for commercial properties and road work as well as residential properties
• Are normally the only choice for wide, deep or very long cracks
• Require a more-controlled application that typically results in less mess on the surrounding asphalt

When applied correctly and used under the proper conditions, either product can provide satisfactory results. However, the hot-pour sealants typically offer better long-term results, making them more cost-effective over time.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that having cracks repaired is an essential part of maintaining an asphalt surface. Costly damage can be caused by neglecting repairs. Therefore, any sealant that keeps water where it belongs — on top of the surface — is better than no sealant at all.

At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we normally recommend hot-pour crack fillers for our clients in the greater Las Vegas area. However, every job is different, and there are times when we feel that cold-pour is more appropriate for a given situation. If you would like a free quote on your asphalt repairs – or any other asphalt maintenance or repair service — give us a call at 702-222-9009. If you prefer, you can use our online form to send us your information.