Which is better, concrete or asphalt?

Chances are if you are planning to pave an area of your commercial grounds, you will be using either concrete or asphalt. Thus, you will want to know the differences to determine which material is better for your purposes.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Both concrete and asphalt can last a long time when they are properly maintained, but asphalt is more durable than concrete in extreme weather conditions. Asphalt can tolerate cold weather conditions. In contrast, concrete may crack when the weather is harsh. Furthermore, the dark color of asphalt stores more light, so it will generate more heat to melt ice. Concrete may discolor from salt, but asphalt does not.

Cost and Time

It is easy to repair asphalt without removing all the layers. Additionally, contractors can apply it within hours of its creation, and it dries quickly. Concrete requires several days to cure before a contractor can use it. Asphalt is cheaper than concrete to apply. In addition, it is simpler and quicker to repair cracks in asphalt than concrete.

Adjustment to the Ground Changes

Asphalt is a softer substance than concrete. In many cases, asphalt and concrete are used to pave areas that can change over time. For example, the earth’s soil can shift or a tree root can grow. These changes can put pressure on the paving. Asphalt can frequently expand to accommodate the changes, but concrete is likely to crack or become damaged from them.

Let’s Get Started!

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