Why Sealcoating Works in Las Vegas!

March 3, 15 photo 4If you have asphalt pavement, you need to have it sealcoated if you want it to last. Asphalt sealcoat is your pavement’s main line of defense from the wear and tear that it will encounter during normal use. It will also make your pavement more attractive and make a favorable impression on all who see it.

Essentially, asphalt sealcoating forms a protective barrier that guards your pavement from premature deterioration. Although there are many ways that your pavement could suffer, the most common causes of crumbling, cracking asphalt are discussed below.

1. Modern automobiles contain a variety of fluids, and it is possible for any of them to leak onto your pavement. Evidence of oil, gas, brake fluid, power-steering fluid, engine coolant and transmission fluid leaks can be found on most parking lots and many driveways. These liquids soften asphalt pavement, causing it to lose its cohesiveness. The asphalt will begin to crumble, crack or alligator.  Sealcoat helps keep corrosive elements from reaching the asphalt. Furthermore, removing these types of stains is easier on a sealed surface than on an unsealed one.
2. You have probably heard cautionary tales about sun exposure. UV rays can also damage your asphalt pavement. It dries it out and turns it from flexible to brittle. As a result, even a lightweight car could cause cracking or remove pieces of pavement when driving over it. Sealcoating is very effective at blocking harmful UV rays.
3. To achieve its maximum lifespan, asphalt needs to remain flexible enough to “spring back” after it is stressed. Chemicals and UV rays can destroy your pavement’s flexibility. However, asphalt pavement must also have a stable foundation. If the foundation becomes destabilized, it may be unable to support the pavement properly. A leading cause of foundation erosion is water that seeps beneath the pavement and becomes trapped there. Although this is more of an issue in areas that receive a lot of rain or snow, even the runoff from sprinkler systems or power washing can pose a problem if your pavement is cracked. Sealcoating gives you an additional layer of protection against water-related damages by helping prevent cracks from forming as well as sealing out the water that might otherwise become trapped beneath the pavement.

Sealcoating also makes asphalt pavement more attractive by giving it an even, dark, lustrous appearance. As an added bonus, sealcoated pavement is easier to sweep and clean.

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