Can sealcoat make the pavement slippery when applied?

Sealcoating sprayAsphalt that has been sealed should not be slippery once the sealant has dried. However, if the contractor does not mix the sealcoat properly, it can indeed make the surface slick, particularly if the pavement is wet.

When preparing to apply the sealants, the product is mixed with water, sand, and additives. If too much water is added, it can make it impossible to add a sufficient amount of sand. Since it is the sand that improves traction, the sealed pavement can be slippery, exposing the property owner to potential liabilities.

Adding the correct amount of sand to the sealant mix has other benefits as well. Small imperfections in the pavement can have their appearance improved as the sand can fill in minor “dings.” The sand content helps reduce glare in bright sunlight. Furthermore, properly mixed sealcoating will last longer than sealants that are not mixed according to specifications.

How much sand must be added depends on the brand of sealant used. Typically, one gallon of sealant will contain between three and eight pounds of silica sand. On especially hazardous pavements, such as driveways built on a steep hill, contractors can also apply a light coating of sand on top of the wet sealant to further improve traction.

Some contractors attempt to cut corners when mixing sealants, thinking that sand is an unnecessary cost. These contractors may also try to make the cover a greater area by adding more water than the manufacturer recommends. Both of these practices will result in a short-lived, unsatisfactory job, and the pavement can be considerably slicker when wet. It is therefore important to verify that the selected contractor adds sand and mixes the sealant precisely as the manufacturer’s instructions state.

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