29 January 2020

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Warehouse and Industrial Striping

When applied by experienced, professional striping contractors, industrial striping can contribute to the safety and efficiency of your distribution or logistics center.

From a safety aspect, the demarcation for forklift aisles and pedestrian routes can clearly show both forklift drivers and pedestrians the areas in which they should remain, and properly marked no-go zones can warn them where they should not venture. Keeping everyone in their proper areas can reduce slowdowns in the operation, but it also helps avoid accidents. As for efficiency, the right markings make it faster and easier for forklift drivers to place or retrieve products, and physical inventories can be more accurate and quicker.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Warehouse and Industrial Striping

Who Typically Offers Industrial Striping?

Many contractors who perform lot striping also offer industrial striping. However, not all striping contractors have the experience or equipment to perform the job satisfactorily. Therefore, you will need to ensure that the contractor you choose has the ability to perform the work correctly and efficiently. However, a good place to start is by checking with the company that currently provides pavement striping for your parking lot.

Why Is Today a Great Day to Have Industrial Striping Applied?

The paints and techniques used for warehouse and industrial striping have never been better. There are several different types of paint available that you can match to your specific needs, including the type of durability you desire. Techniques for preparing the floor have improved steadily over the last few decades, allowing contractors to perform the work more economically and more efficiently.

However, there is another important reason to have your facility striped. If your manufacturing facility or warehouse is subject to OSHA oversight, you may be required to define and designate certain hazards or areas in ways that conform with the specific OSHA guidelines. Since these guidelines are subject to change, it is a good idea to call your contractor annually to ask whether there are any changes that might require you to alter your industrial striping layout.

Furthermore, good employees can be difficult to find and retain. A striped, well-marked environment conveys to your employees that you care about their safety and also want to make their jobs easier. In turn, your employees will likely become more aware of safety, and they may also become more productive.

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