Asphalt Maintenance & Tire Scuffing

Asphalt Maintenance & Tire Scuffing, sealcoating las vegasAlthough Affordable Striping & Sealing does not install asphalt pavement, we frequently receive calls from people who are concerned about scuff marks on their new pavement. They wonder whether we can cover the marks with asphalt sealcoating or have some secret formula to remove them. We usually advise them to just wait a while. Tire scuffing is a very common issue when asphalt pavement is new, but the marks are almost always superficial and will go away on their own. Most of the time, any attempt to remedy the scuffing only damages the pavement. Since many people do not know why tire scuffing occurs, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the issue.

Asphalt Maintenance & Tire Scuffing – Why Did My Asphalt Pavement Scuff?

There are many things that could lead to tire scuffs, including an industry shift to performance-graded asphalt binder or cement. This type of cement often results in a pavement that is more likely to be scuffed, especially in hot weather during the pavement’s first season. Other common causes are listed below.

• Power steering has become standard equipment on many cars and most SUVs. If the front wheels are turned when the car is not in motion, tire scuffing is quite likely to occur, especially if the vehicle has front-wheel drive.
• Pavements constructed under the just-in-time philosophy may be opened to traffic mere hours after the pavement is finished. The more time that the pavement is allowed to cure before it receives traffic, the less susceptible it is to tire scuffing.
• Summers in the Las Vegas area can be quite hot. When vehicles drive on hot thoroughfares, their tires heat up. Hot tires on asphalt pavement can leave scuff marks, especially if the pavement has been exposed to direct sunlight for several hours.
• Low-profile tires that provide better cornering, allow manufacturers to enlarge the brakes and provide a stiffer ride have become quite popular, especially for sports cars. They are typically inflated more than traditional tires, so they exert more stress on the pavement. Low-profile tires are more likely to leave scuff marks on fresh asphalt pavement than other types of tires.
• The surface texture chosen can make a pavement more likely to scuff. Many property owners want a surface texture that is tight and aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, the contractor must use more sand, smaller aggregates or a smaller amount of crushed particles. This makes the pavement more prone to tire scuffing, especially when the pavement is warm.
• Some customers and even some contractors do not include recycled asphalt shingles or recycled asphalt pavement in the mix. However, including these recycled products can often reduce the pavement’s susceptibility to tire scuffing.

Scuffing has no bearing on the life of the pavement or the quality of the contractor’s work. Even a properly designed and correctly installed pavement is probably going to show some tire scuffs, especially if the pavement is installed during hot weather. However, 99 percent of the time, you will not be able to find where they were if you search for them in a few months.

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