What type of cost is expected for paving a driveway?

lee boy driveway 2It is understandable that if you are planning to install an asphalt driveway, you have a great deal of interest in the cost. At first glance, you might think it is easy for a paving contractor to come up with a number. After all, surely he knows how much he pays for a square foot of asphalt, and he must have an average labor cost as well. So why can he not give you a fairly accurate quote without looking at your site?

The answer is:

1. Every job is different. Even if the dimensions of two driveways are identical, one may still cost less than the other.
2. There are several factors beyond the cost of the asphalt that affect the cost of the driveway. Until the contractor can see the site, he will not know just how much he will need to charge.

Why is the site so important? The answer to this question is a little bit complicated, so perhaps an explanation of all the costs that a contractor must consider would be helpful.

• Transportation costs — The contractor must factor in how much it will cost to have the asphalt delivered from the plant as well as the cost to move his equipment, tools and personnel to the site. Transportation costs include paying the truck drivers as well as fuel costs. The more remote your location is from his office or the asphalt plant, the higher the transportation costs.
• Soil preparation — To obtain the greatest return on your investment, your driveway needs to have good drainage. Drainage issues can be time-consuming to resolve, but they must be handled before the asphalt is installed.
• Accessibility — The contractor must determine whether the entire work area has access for his rollers, pavers or other pieces of heavy equipment. If not, the crew will need to handle the job manually, which will take longer and therefore costs more.
• Asphalt quantity needed — Finally, the contractor must determine how much asphalt will be required for the job. The width and length of the driveway is only part of the equation. The contractor must also determine how deep the asphalt must be.

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