Is it possible to pave over concrete?

Asphalt SealcoatingIn most cases, yes, you can apply asphalt pavement over concrete. Asphalt needs a strong, stable base to avoid issues that can shorten its useful life. Concrete fits the requirements for a base very well. The federal government, as well as many state and local governments, have long chosen asphalt overlays for concrete roads as a practical, durable and economical solution.

That said, there are times when you should not attempt to pave over concrete. Although it is technically possible, the results will not be satisfactory. Initially, the asphalt overlay may look fine, but soon, cracks and potholes can form that can be severe enough to require immediate repair to avoid the loss of the entire surface.

In most instances, the concrete surface has been compromised by shifting soil. Unlike asphalt, which requires an even, well-compacted foundation, concrete can be poured over soil that has not been as highly compacted or leveled. As the years pass, areas of soil beneath the concrete can shift due to natural forces. The sections of concrete comprising the surface can move with the shifting soil. Edges of the blocks may sink or move out of position, and the movement can also open gaps between the blocks in the area of the expansion joints.

If you apply asphalt over concrete that has shifted, the chances are excellent that the concrete will shift in the future. When it does, it will take the asphalt with it, which can cause large cracks in the asphalt surface. Small cracks in asphalt are not a problem, but they need to be filled promptly to prevent further damage to the asphalt. However, large cracks can require extensive rehabilitation. If entire blocks of the concrete have uplifted or subsided, it will be virtually impossible to apply asphalt pavement without first correcting the cause of the movement.

This is not to imply that concrete must be in perfect condition before asphalt is applied. Many flaws in a concrete surface can be easily addressed, and the integrity of the asphalt pavement will not be affected. As flaws in the concrete surface increase in severity, however, so do the chances that there will be problems with the asphalt.

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