Patchwork…what’s the best time of year to do this?

asphalt-crack-repair-las-vegasPatchwork is a necessary part of maximizing the life of your asphalt pavement. Ideally, patchwork should be performed as soon as the damage occurs. Even a small crack can result in a costly repair if left untreated.  Patchwork is an importance aspect of asphalt maintenance in the Las Vegas area.

Are some months preferable for patchworking?

In some parts of the country that experience severe winters, patchworking can only be done in the spring or summer. The time of year is therefore of far less consequence in Las Vegas than in Minneapolis. One consideration, however, is the timing of sealcoating. The asphalt patches need time to cure properly before a sealant is applied. The exact time needed depends on a variety of factors that rely on your specific situation. The longer a damaged area remains unrepaired, the more extensive damages can be, so it is best to arrange patchworking as soon as possible, regardless of the time of year.

Why are repairs needed so quickly?

Moisture that becomes trapped beneath the surface can destabilize the foundation, which is a critical factor in supporting loads placed on the pavement. Water can enter through cracks in the pavement. Even a light rain or run-off from a sprinkler system can allow enough moisture to enter to cause damage. Water accumulates and spreads, eroding the foundation. This can result in a network of cracks that resemble the skin of an alligator or crocodile. If the pavement becomes “alligatored,” patchwork is no longer an option, and repairs will be more costly.

How are patches installed?

Asphalt contractors usually choose between full-depth and surface patching, depending on the condition of the pavement and the extent of the damage. Surface patching can be suitable if the pavement surrounding the crack is stable. Just as the name implies, a surface patch is applied over the top of the damage and to adjoining, undamaged asphalt. It is the fastest method, but it is also more temporary than full-depth patching. With full-depth patching, the damaged asphalt (and typically part of the foundation) is removed and replaced.

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