Sealcoating – Differences In Cost

Sealcoating - Differences In Cost, Las Vegas, Many homeowners assume that the amount their next-door neighbors paid for sealcoating will be what it will cost them to have their own driveway sealed. They are then surprised when their estimates are lower or higher than the neighbors paid. The same is true for commercial parking lots, streets and virtually any sealcoating job. Providing an accurate quote for a sealcoating job is almost impossible unless the contractor can physically inspect the site first. This is because there are many factors that must be included in the cost of a sealcoating job.

Sealcoating – Differences In Cost


Asphalt sealcoating does not fill cracks. At best, sealants can smooth out minor imperfections in the pavement’s surface. If the pavement has cracks or potholes, these must be repaired prior to sealcoating. Therefore, the fewer repairs you need, the less the contractor can charge for the job.


Sealcoating needs to be applied to a clean surface if it is to adhere properly. This means that dirt, leaves, trash and other debris will have to be removed. In addition, oil and other automotive leaks will need to be cleaned, and if they have already stained, this will be more time-consuming. Whether it is a driveway or a parking lot, the dirtier it is, the more it will cost for sealcoating.


The contractor must estimate what his costs will be to get his crew and equipment to the site. If your site is a long distance from the contractor’s office, mobilization costs will be higher. Mobilization costs can also increase if the work has to be spread out over more than one day, such as when a large parking lot must be worked in sections with each section reopened before the next can be closed.


The contractor must also include his overhead expenses. This includes items such as workers’ comp insurance, liability insurance and vehicle insurance. Some unscrupulous contractors do not carry the correct insurance, which means that they can quote lower prices. However, this leaves their customers at risk should one of the contractor’s workers be injured on the job or damage the customer’s property.

Why Choose Affordable Striping & Sealing?

Sealcoating is your pavement’s first and best defense against damage, and it can dramatically improve the appearance of your pavement as well. However, sealcoating needs to be applied by an experienced professional to achieve the best results. At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we are committed to excellent work at affordable rates. We use only the best-quality materials on every job. In addition to sealcoating, we also offer asphalt repairs, parking lot striping and many other asphalt maintenance procedures. You can request a free, detailed quote by calling 702-222-9009 or submitting the form found on our website.