The Different Types Of Pavement

The Different Types Of Pavement, Affordable Striping, Las Vegas, NVYes, different types of pavement have been developed over the years. Some asphalt pavements are intended for specific uses, such as highways that bear a high volume of tractor-trailer traffic. Other mixes are engineered to perform best when used for specific pavement layers, such as the surface layer.

The Different Types Of Pavement

Hot Mix

Hot mix is sometimes referred to as bitumen, asphalt concrete or blacktop. The most widely used type of asphalt pavement in the United States, hot mix asphalt can be found surfacing parking lots, state highways, city streets, residential driveways and interstates. Hot mix asphalt can be used for all pavement layers as well as for crack filling or patching.

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

Hot mix asphalt pavement is completely recyclable and is the most recycled material in America. Reclaimed asphalt pavement can be used to manufacture “new” pavement, or it can be pulverized for use as a base course. Some asphalt pavement can also be “recycled in place” for patching existing pavements.

Permeable Pavement

Permeable asphalt pavement is often used as the surface course on parking lots. Permeable pavements allow water to drain beneath the surface, reducing or eliminating pools of water that can be sprayed or splashed by passing cars. Once beneath the pavement’s surface, the runoff is safely directed into the surrounding soil, where it can water trees and landscaping plants. Permeable pavement does not bear up well under heavy loads, so it is not ideal for most thoroughfares.

Stone Matrix

First introduced in Europe during the 1960s, the popularity of stone matrix asphalt has been increasing in the United States over the last two decades. Stone matrix asphalt incorporates large rocks that make the pavement less susceptible to rutting while improving the pavement’s ability to withstand heavy traffic loads. In the U.S., this type of pavement is most often found highways and interstates.

Dense Graded

Dense-graded asphalt is hot mix asphalt that has been graded according to the size of the aggregates it contains. Dense-graded mixes may be fine-graded, meaning that they contain aggregate particles the size of a sand grain, or coarse-graded, which means that the aggregate particles are larger. All varieties of dense-graded asphalt is a general-purpose material that can be used for all pavement layers regardless of traffic.

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