Is Sealcoating Appropriate for Subdivisions & HOAs?

Is Sealcoating Appropriate for Subdivisions/HOAs?Asphalt can be an economical, fast, attractive, and durable solution for paving the streets in subdivisions, gated communities, and condominium complexes. It can also be an excellent choice for the community’s walking trails, parking lots, and recreational centers. However, asphalt pavements can benefit from regular preventive maintenance. This has led many HOAs and property owners to wonder whether it makes sense is to do sealcoating for HOA and subdivision pavements. The short answer is that it does.

Why Does Sealcoating Subdivision and HOA Pavements Make Sense?

Sealcoating does a remarkable job of preventing damage to asphalt pavements, but they also make the pavement more attractive and safer. Furthermore, whether you are talking about sealcoating parking lots, golf cart paths, streets, or other types of asphalt pavements, the cost is typically quite economical; especially when it comes to Las Vegas sealcoating, it is truly a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of repairs.

How Does Sealcoating Prevent Damage?

Asphalt pavements have three formidable enemies, which are ultraviolet radiation, vehicle fluids, and water, as well as a host of other foes that are less powerful. The sun’s UV rays steal moisture from the asphalt, leaving the pavement brittle and more likely to develop cracks. Vehicle fluids interact with the asphalt binder, softening the pavement and making it easier for potholes to form. Water that penetrates to the pavement’s base destabilizes and weakens the foundation, leading to more cracks and potholes as well as alligatored asphalt. Sealcoating can block UV rays as well as protect against vehicle fluids, and preventing cracks and potholes helps protect against water infiltration.

How Does Sealcoating Make Asphalt Pavements Safer and More Attractive?

Sealcoating parking lots and other pavements can enhance traction, thereby reducing the risk of pedestrian slip and fall accidents as well as vehicle skids. If pavements have faded to gray or brown, sealcoating can restore them to their original, rich black color. Furthermore, sealcoating can hide minor imperfections to make the pavement appear smoother and more even.

Will Sealcoating HOA and Subdivision Pavements Impact Property Values?

Yes, professional applications of a high-quality sealant can help protect property values. The pavements will be more aesthetically pleasing, and potential buyers will be more impressed with the obvious attention that has been given to the community’s common areas and streets.

What Qualities Should a Sealcoating Company Possess?

A sealcoating company should be evaluated on the same qualities as any other contractor. That means that you should check the company’s reputation, contact any references provided, and verify that the company is insured and appropriately licensed. However, when asphalt sealcoating subdivisions and similar communities, the contractor’s communication skills need to be carefully evaluated. Look for a contractor who will help you plan the work to minimize disruption to your residents, and you also want to find someone who will keep you informed of any changes to the schedule so that you can communicate the changes to your residents. You also want a contractor who respects your time, explains the steps involved in plain language, and returns your messages within a reasonable time.

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