How Is Sealcoating Different From Asphalt Paving?

How Is Sealcoating Different From Asphalt Paving?If you have ever replaced the roof on your home, you may have asked your roofer to clarify terms such as pitch, fascia, or soffit. At an auto repair shop, you may have asked your mechanic to explain the difference between a crankshaft and a camshaft. If you opened your own business, you may not have understood the numerous conditions that an employee had to meet to be considered exempt from overtime. The point is that no one should be expected to be an instant expert on everything, so if you are uncertain of how sealcoating is different from asphalt paving, you should know that you are far from being the only person who has questions about the two procedures.

What Is an Asphalt Paving Procedure?

Asphalt paving is the term that contractors use to describe the construction or resurfacing of an asphalt pavement. The pavement will be engineered to support an expected volume of traffic of certain weights, which tells the paving contractor how many layers of asphalt will be needed. Based on the engineering design, the contractor’s crew members will place, work, and compact each asphalt layer before continuing with the next one. Asphalt paving encompasses new construction, asphalt overlays, and pavement reconstructions. Most parking lot maintenance & repair contractors do not consider asphalt patching as a paving procedure, but some do under certain conditions.

What Is Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealcoating is the application of a sealant to an existing pavement, and it is considered a maintenance procedure. Seal coat goes on as a liquid, then hardens to create a protective shell over the pavement. When contractors sealcoat parking lot pavements, the sealant will obliterate the painted markings, so stripes and pavement markings will need to be repainted after asphalt parking lot sealcoating.

What Purpose Does Sealcoating Serve?

A quality seal coat will block the damaging UV rays that leave asphalt pavements brittle, dry, and faded. It will also protect the pavement from the detrimental effects of petroleum-based automotive fluids. Asphalt sealcoating also improves the appearance of the pavement by restoring its original color, hiding minor surface flaws, and making the pavement appear smoother. Sealcoating parking lot pavements can also enhance traction to help improve safety.

How Often Do I Need Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoating?

The answer to that question will depend on factors that are unique to your specific pavement, including its age and condition, the number of vehicles who use your parking lot, and the weights of those vehicles. Typically, parking lots in the Las Vegas area need a new application of asphalt sealcoating every 18 to 30 months, but your schedule could be different.

To Whom Can I Turn for More Information?

Affordable Striping & Sealing is a highly respected asphalt maintenance company providing a wide range of services to clients throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Our services include asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt crack repairs, parking lot layout, road markings, traffic sign installations, and customized parking lot maintenance programs. We have earned an impeccable reputation that is based on consistently providing clients with exceptional results and exemplary customer service. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote if you will submit our online form, call 702-222-9009, or email