Asphalt Maintenance 101 – Why Sealcoating, Crackfilling, & Striping?

asphalt maintenance 101 - why sealcoating, crackfilling & striping There are many reasons to choose asphalt as your paving material, including its economical cost, pleasing appearance, and rapid construction. With the right asphalt maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty and convenience of your pavement for many years. There are three procedures for maintaining the health and appearance of your asphalt pavement that can provide you with benefits that you might not have considered.

What Benefits Could Be Gained From Adding Sealcoating to My Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

Sealcoating Las Vegas pavements can help them withstand damage from the sunshine that the area receives in abundance. Sunlight includes ultraviolet radiation, and the same UV rays that can damage your skin can damage your pavement. Exposure to UV rays makes asphalt pavement dry and brittle, and this makes it easier for the pavement to crack. These same rays also rob asphalt pavements of their luxurious color, fading them to shades of gray or brown, but parking lot sealcoat treatments can prevent fading as well as restore the original color. In addition, seal coating can help defend your pavement against deterioration caused by vehicle fluids. When contractors sealcoat parking lot pavements, they need to repaint the markings and stripes, so this can be an ideal time to revamp your parking lot design if you need or want to make changes to your layout. Unless your contractor advises a different interval, schedule your parking lot sealcoat applications about two years apart.

Why Should an Asphalt Maintenance Plan Include Crackfilling?

Although asphalt pavements are extremely durable, even an expertly constructed, meticulously maintained pavement will eventually develop cracks. Unfortunately, these cracks will continue to expand in all three dimensions until they are repaired. Cracks are potential hazards to cyclists and pedestrians, but they are definite hazards to the health of your pavement. Moisture, dirt, and vehicle fluids can enter through open cracks and work their way through the entire structure, inflicting damage as they go. Whether your contractor recommends asphalt crack sealing or crack filling will depend on several factors, including the type of crack. The important thing is to have cracks repaired just as quickly as you can. At the very least, schedule crack repairs every six months to maximize the benefits for your pavement.

Why Is Striping Important for Maintaining Parking Lots?

Parking lots with vibrant, neat stripes and markings make a better impression on visitors than pavements with damaged or faded paint. Customers will feel more secure about parking their vehicles in your lot, and they will not be confused about where they should or should not park. With an effective parking lot design, you will be able to provide more spaces, and this could help you reduce the number of patrons who drive away because they cannot find an empty space. In addition, you will need to provide specific pavement markings to meet the legal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and some municipalities also have mandatory markings that are necessary to comply with fire or building codes. Usually, painted markings last about as long as parking lot sealcoat, so you may be able to schedule both procedures at the same time. However, if the paint starts to blister or peel, or if the markings have been damaged, you may want to have your contractor handle the problem sooner.

Affordable Striping & Sealing Can Help

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