How to Prepare an Asphalt Maintenance Plan for Commercial Properties

How to Prepare an Asphalt Maintenance Plan for Commercial PropertiesAsphalt pavements have become very popular for commercial properties in Las Vegas for several excellent reasons. Asphalt paving costs less than concrete, and the pavement can be completed and in use faster. The rich color of an asphalt pavement provides an aesthetically pleasing background that helps make pavement markings stand out. Furthermore, asphalt pavements can have long lives if they are cared for properly. If you want to reap all the benefits of asphalt paving, however, you need to have an effective asphalt maintenance plan.

What Is the First Step in Creating an Effective Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

The first step is to take a good look at the condition of your pavement. To do that, you may need to schedule a thorough inspection during off-peak hours after your pavement has been swept to remove all debris. If possible, have a reputable parking lot maintenance Las Vegas contractor accompany you to help identify issues that you might otherwise miss. The purpose of the inspection is to locate significant cracks, clogged drains, oil stains, edge raveling, alligatored patches, sinkholes, or other issues. You should also pay attention to the color of your pavement; an asphalt pavement that has faded to a dinghy shade of brown or gray can usually have its original color restored with a professional application of seal coating.

What Is the Second Step in Creating an Maintenance Plan for Commercial Properties?

Your second step should be to locate an experienced Las Vegas asphalt maintenance contractor to advise you on the exact procedures you should include in your plan and at what intervals. The use that your pavement receives is a critical factor in creating an effective maintenance plan. For example, if you manage a busy casino, your contractor may need to apply parking lot sealcoat every 18 to 24 months, but if your parking lot serves 50 employees who only work during normal business hours, you may not need sealcoating more than every three years or so.

What Should a Las Vegas Asphalt Maintenance Plan for Commercial Properties Include?

No maintenance plan is going to be ideal for every type of commercial property. One property may only have an asphalt parking lot, while another one has multiple parking lots, walkways, sports courts, and other pavements that are all paved with asphalt. However, there are some maintenance procedures that are highly recommended for all Las Vegas asphalt pavements.

1. Inspections: Ideally, you should have your contractor inspect your pavement every six months. However, you or a designated employee should conduct your own inspections monthly. Check to see if existing cracks have expanded in any direction since your last inspection, look for new cracks, and check for oil and other automotive fluids that vehicles have leaked on your pavement. Make sure that your signs are securely mounted and undamaged, especially those identifying accessible parking spaces or at potentially hazardous intersections.
2. Asphalt Sealcoating: Sealcoating Las Vegas asphalt pavements is an effective and economical way to prevent damage from the sun. The sun emits ultraviolet radiation that steals the moisture contained in asphalt pavements. The pavement becomes brittle and more susceptible to damage.
3. Crack Repairs: Virtually every crack will continue to expand until repairs are made. If possible, have your contractor repair cracks immediately; otherwise, plan to have cracks repaired when your contractor inspects your pavement.
4. Bumper Blocks: Bumper blocks can be knocked out of position or damaged. Broken or misaligned bumper blocks are potential tripping hazards, and they can also damage vehicles. Furthermore, bumper blocks need to be intact and in their proper position to fulfill their intended function.

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