Five Sealcoating Facts That Show Savings for Your Las Vegas Pavement

Five Sealcoating Facts That Show Savings for Your Las Vegas PavementAsphalt pavements in Las Vegas can have punishing lives. On most days, they are subjected to bright sunlight, which means they are exposed to damaging UV rays. Winters can sometimes be surprisingly cold and wet, and a light dusting of snow is not beyond the realm of possibility. Furthermore, in addition to the estimated 2.2 million people who live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, more than 30 million people visit the area during a typical year. Because tourism is a major part of the area’s economy, the condition of parking lots and other pavements can impact whether visitors leave with a favorable or unfavorable impression of the town as well as of individual businesses. Therefore, you likely want to ensure that your asphalt pavement looks its best, but you also want to get an acceptable return on your investment. The best way to accomplish both of these goals is by having a reputable contractor apply sealcoating periodically.

What Is Sealcoating?

A seal coat is a mixture that contains water, silica sand, an asphalt sealant, and, in some cases, a performance-enhancing additive. The mixture is then applied as a liquid by a sealcoating company. When sealcoating Las Vegas parking lots, two thin coats are typically required to achieve the desired results. The initial coat is given time to dry before the second coat is applied, and the second coat is allowed to dry before the pavement markings and stripes are repainted.

How Might Sealcoating Save Me Money?

Parking lot sealcoat offers several cosmetic benefits, including refreshing the color of faded asphalt, filling hairline cracks, and concealing minor surface flaws. However, it is primarily a cost-effective way to obtain a longer life for an asphalt pavement and reduce the need for major or frequent repairs.

1. Las Vegas asphalt sealcoating is an especially valuable method for blocking the UV rays emitted by the sun that turn unprotected asphalt pavements brittle and dry. Dry, brittle pavements are more likely to develop cracks, and the cracks are often more significant.
2. Sealcoating Las Vegas parking lots at casinos, hotels, restaurants, and resorts can be particularly useful to help prevent damage from vehicle fluids. Many parked cars can leak oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, or other petrochemicals that soften asphalt paving. These soft spots can begin to crumble quickly, creating potholes.
3. Asphalt seal coating makes your pavement easier to clean. Whether you need to remove vehicle fluids, piles of sand, or other debris, it will normally take less time and effort to clean your pavement. Potentially, you could save money by reducing your sweeping frequency, or you could see savings in your labor costs if your employees can remove leaked automotive fluids in less time.
4. A knowledgeable asphalt sealcoating company may be able to help you save money by ensuring that your parking lot complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A fresh seal coat will conceal your pavement markings, so you will need to have them repainted. This can be a great time to alter your parking lot layout to ensure that it is fully compliant with the ADA as well as local ordinances so that you do not incur fines.
5. Even if you maintain your Las Vegas asphalt sealcoating, your pavement will eventually reach a point where repairs are no longer cost-effective or even possible. If you have been proactive about your repairs and seal coating, your paving contractor may be able to salvage your pavement by installing an overlay. Overlays are much less expensive than reconstructions, but they yield similar results. However, overlays need to be placed on pavements without extensive foundation damage to be cost-effective, and seal coating is the best way to help prevent foundation damage.

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