Why Parking Lot Striping Improves Safety & Traffic Flow

 Why parking lot striping improves safety & traffic flowWithout a place for your tenants, guests, customers, or employees to park, your business would suffer. People expect you to provide them with a secure location to leave their vehicles, and they have little interest in patronizing any establishment that requires them to park on the street. However, offering a paved, off-the-street area for parking is not enough. If you want to improve safety and promote an orderly traffic flow, you need parking lot striping.

Why Is a Safe, Orderly Flow of Traffic Important?

Although many people visit Las Vegas to gamble, they would rather take their chances inside a casino than in a parking lot. Without parking lot striping Las Vegas pavements can become something of a free-for-all. A minor fender-bender could spoil an otherwise pleasant vacation, but imagine how much worse matters can become if one of your patrons is struck by a car while attempting to travel from their car to your entrance. Furthermore, if your lack of parking lot painting contributes to an accident, they could hold you liable, and some judges might agree with them.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Traffic Flow?

Today’s drivers are subjected to numerous potential distractions. Incoming calls and text messages can lead drivers to focus on their cell phones rather than their surroundings. GPS devices can send confusing or even incorrect instructions. Since many of your visitors may be making their first visit to Vegas, they may not know exactly how to get from their hotel to your location. The last thing drivers need is to face even more confusion once they enter your parking lot. A professional asphalt striping service can help you help them by providing succinct navigational aids to guide them around your property. When drivers and pedestrians can easily determine the correct path, they are less likely to have a mishap.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Safety?

As noted above, asphalt striping enhances safety by encouraging an orderly flow of traffic. However, a pavement striping service can improve safety in other ways.

• Good lot striping shows drivers where and how they should park. Drivers will be able to tell whether they have positioned their vehicles properly within a parking space, which can help eliminate door dings, intrusions into travel aisles, and other parking mistakes that can put their vehicles at risk.
Parking lot painting also shows drivers where they should not park. Loading zones, fire lanes, and other no-parking zones can be clearly marked. Drivers will be less likely to park in spaces reserved for emergency response vehicles or handicapped patrons, and they will be forewarned about potentially dangerous locations, including the area around your dumpster or loading dock.
• Pedestrian safety can be enhanced through visible markings to indicate crosswalks, intersections having limited visibility, or travel aisles on which there are no stop signs.

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