Top Factors to Consider Before Sealcoating in the Spring

Top Factors to Consider Before Sealcoating in the SpringIf you want a beautiful, long-lasting asphalt pavement that will not break your paving repair budget, you need to sealcoat it about every two years. Sealcoating is quite economical, but it can often double the useful life of an asphalt pavement. Sealcoats can be rather finicky products to apply successfully because they are extremely reliant on the weather for curing. In some parts of the country, the weather conditions can make asphalt sealing very challenging during the spring because it is too wet, too cold, too cloudy, or too humid. Fortunately, in the Las Vegas area, spring is one of the best seasons for sealant applications.

Why Is Spring a Good Time for Sealcoating in Vegas?

There are four weather-related things that should not happen to Las Vegas asphalt sealcoating while it is being applied or during its first 24 hours.

1. It must not be subjected to rain. Raindrops can play havoc with uncured sealcoating, and this is a major issue in some areas during the spring. Las Vegas receives very little rain during any month, but the months of April, May, and June typically receive the lowest average precipitation.
2. If applied on an extremely cloudy day, the sealant will take longer to cure, so contractors prefer to seal coat parking lot pavements on bright, sunny days. The springtime months have, on average, some of the highest percentages of possible sunshine and mean monthly hours of sunshine to go along with some of the fewest days of precipitation.
3. High humidity will make it more difficult for water to evaporate from the liquid sealant. The relative humidity rarely tops 45% in Vegas, but the humidity is even lower during the spring.
4. The temperature is the factor that is the most critical when sealcoating Las Vegas pavements. First, it absolutely cannot drop below freezing until the sealant has at least 24 hours of curing time. Second, the temperature needs to be above 50 degrees throughout the application and drying process. Third, during the summer, extreme heat can present special challenges when contractors sealcoat parking lot pavements, requiring them to take additional steps to prevent the sealant from drying too quickly. Springtime in Vegas usually has temperatures that are neither too color nor too hot for seal coating parking lot pavements.

Are There Additional Benefits to Sealing in the Spring?

Typically, sealcoating contractors must provide additional services when they perform asphalt sealing, and the weather during the spring is also ideal for delivering these services.

1. After sealcoating, pavement striping and markings will need to be reapplied because the sealant will obscure them. Whether you need a new parking lot design, or you just want to repaint the existing design, the weather during the spring is also perfect for striping and marking pavements.
2. Prior to sealcoating, your asphalt contractor will need to make any necessary pavement repairs. Spring is a good time to have asphalt crack sealing, pothole repairs, and asphalt patching performed.
3. Spring is usually considered one of the best seasons for visiting Las Vegas. Fresh sealcoating enhances your curb appeal, makes cleaning up after tourists easier, and helps you attract visitors to your property.

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