Sealcoating Budget Tips for Las Vegas Property Managers

Sealcoating Budget Tips for Las Vegas Property ManagersAsphalt pavements are aesthetically pleasing, economical, and easy to maintain. However, pavements in the Vegas area take quite a beating. Between the tens of millions of visitors who drive their own or rented vehicles all over the city, the months of very high ultraviolet radiation, and occasional rounds of extreme weather, it pays to give your asphalt pavement as much protection as you can. Sealcoating is your first line of defense against the things that can accelerate the deterioration of your pavement. Sealcoat block UV rays, protect against petrochemicals, and help your pavement resist damage from seasonal temperature changes and water penetration. If you are wondering how to budget for sealing your pavement, here are four tips that might help you.

What Is the First Tip for Establishing a Sealcoating Budget?

The first tip is to find a trustworthy contractor with experience sealcoating Las Vegas pavements. Seal coating parking lots in North Dakota, for example, presents challenges that are far different than those faced by Las Vegas sealcoating contractors. You cannot underestimate the importance of local knowledge about the weather patterns, peak times for tourists, and the types of damage that pavements in the Vegas area are more likely to incur.

What Is the Second Tip for Budgeting for Las Vegas Sealcoating?

The second tip is to incorporate asphalt sealing as part of a comprehensive asphalt maintenance program. Your routine maintenance plan should include professional inspections every six months, the immediate repair of any significant cracks, and periodic cleanings. You may also want to include your parking lot signs, line striping, pavement markings, wheel stops, and curbing in your maintenance plan.

What Is the Third Tip for Creating a Sealcoating Budget?

Whether you are applying a sealcoat to a parking lot, street, walking trail, or other type of pavement, be aware that you will need to repaint your pavement markings. Sealcoats are opaque, so they will cover your markings and line striping. It is often easier to budget for your asphalt sealcoating and parking lot striping at the same time and with the same contractor.

What Is the Fourth Tip for Setting a Budget for Seal Coating Parking Lots?

The final tip is to ask a trustworthy contractor to recommend the right schedule for your specific pavement. Asphalt maintenance contractors will look at your pavement’s age and condition, the types of vehicles that drive or park on your pavement, and the number of each type of vehicle using your pavement on a typical day. Based on this information, your contractor will recommend the best interval between applications, which can range from 18 months to four years. In general, the greater the volume of traffic, the more often you will need to sealcoat your pavement. However, the weights of the vehicles also matter; if your pavement supports primarily heavyweight trucks, your sealcoat will wear away faster than if it supports only passenger cars. The average time between asphalt sealcoating applications in Las Vegas is around two years, but your schedule could vary.

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