Why Property Managers Should Invest in Parking Lot Striping

Why Property Managers Should Invest in Parking Lot Striping, las vegasWhen you manage a commercial property, you must deal with a broad range of issues. However, if you are not giving your parking lot striping the proper priority, your business could suffer. Professional striping and pavement markings can help you utilize your available space efficiently, create a favorable impression, improve safety in your parking lot, and reduce potential negative impacts on your company’s profitability.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Help Utilize Space More Efficiently?

When it comes to parking lot striping Las Vegas residents and visitors often notice that there are frequently obvious differences between properties. A great parking lot layout can help you utilize your available space in the most efficient manner. For example, if you do not stripe your parking stalls, many drivers will take up an average of 1.5 spaces every time they park. The angle you choose for the stalls can also impact the number of vehicles you can accommodate. Furthermore, asphalt striping can help you utilize areas that you might have overlooked, including the areas along fences or walls that could provide spaces for parallel parking. Striping contractors also know how to right-size every type of parking stall, including van-accessible spaces, so that you do not need to waste valuable space to provide drivers with ample room.

How Does Lot Striping Help Create a Favorable Impression?

You may have noticed that real estate agents often use the term curb appeal when describing the desirable qualities of a home they are marketing. However, businesses also need a certain amount of curb appeal, and a parking lot restripe can be an economical way to boost yours. Crisp, clean asphalt striping has a great deal of aesthetic appeal, especially if the sealcoating is well-maintained. Besides the visual appeal, a well-striped parking lot helps create a perception of your business as one that pays attention to details, wants visitors to feel safe and comfortable, and has confidence in the quality of the services, goods, or spaces offered to the public.

How Does Parking Lot Striping Las Vegas Properties Enhance Safety?

It is a proven fact that parking lots that are properly striped and marked are safer than unmarked lots or lots with faded or damaged asphalt striping. The parking lot layout is a vital part of a safe lot; proper layouts help eliminate traffic jams, distracted drivers, and confused pedestrians. When combined with parking lot signage, pavement markings, and timely repairs, visible striping can help reduce both minor and major accidents, including auto-pedestrian accidents, door dents, and fender-benders.

How Might Parking Lot Striping Affect My Company’s Profitability?

There are several ways that a poorly striped lot could affect your company’s bottom line.

1. If customers become upset over damage to their parked vehicles, they may take their business elsewhere. Tenants and employees may also choose to abandon you.
2. If your parking lot does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, local fire codes, or municipal building codes, you could incur fines, or you could be sued.
3. If someone is injured on your property because of your lack of proper parking lot signage and markings, your company could be on the financial hook for the individual’s medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees.

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